Mexico met Goretzka: Germany reached Confederations Cup’s final

Mexico met Goretzka: Germany reached Confederations Cup’s final

Thursday the second finalist of the Confederations Cup was defined.
The berth into decisive match was challenged by Germany and Mexico
which were playing in Sochi. As you know, earlier Chile became the
first participant of the final match and for the third place Portugal
will fight.

score was opened very quickly. On the 6
minute Germany performed quick counter-attack, Goretzka assisted on
the right wing on Henrichs and rushed forward. On the penalty line he
received a back pass and made a backdoor pass. After some minutes
Germany doubled the score. Werner slid the pass around the marker and
down the inside right channel and Goretzka drilled it crisply into
the bottom left corner again.

wasn’t going to give up and started searching the ways to score a
goal to the opponent. Soon Alanis decided on kick from the penalty
area but Ter Stegen saved the kick. However, Germany wasn’t closed
in its penalty area and also tried to attack in order to score the
third goal. Moreover, Löw’s football players were more dangerous –
after Henrichs’s pass on the right Werner was left alone with Ochoa
and kicked in a near corner, but the goalkeeper saved his team.

tried to stay and brothers dos Santos were especially active. At
first Gio passed on Jonathan, but he didn’t got a chance to help.
Later the elder brother decided on a long range strike, but didn’t
score. Mexico created the first dangerous moment after half an hour.
The same Giovanni dos Santos rushed into the penalty area after
Hernandez’s pass and hit into a far corner, but Ter Stegen in a
half-split saved his team. Head kick of another dos Santos during the
same attack was not so dangerous. Right there Mexicans created just
killing moment. Gio Dos Santos wriggles through to thrash a shot
that causes Ter Stegen to scramble and Jonathan goes for the rebound
with his head, stooping to nod it wide. A bit later Ter Stegen saved
his team after Herrera’s kick from penalty area. As a result, first
half ended with sure advantage of Germany.


the beginning of a second half both teams created dangerous moments.
At first Hernandez made a kick from penalty area but Ter Stegen saved
again. In the return attack Werner broke on the right wing and hit
into a far corner by Ochoa, but missed and wide.

second half went on counter courses but Germany scored again. Hector
got the cutting pass on the left wing and shot in the center where
Werner was alone. The forward scored a goal without any problems. It
seemed to be the sentence.

was difficult to win back three balls but Mexicans didn’t give up.
Fabian who only substituted could score, but from an acute angle shot
wide of the mark. Later Miguel Layún on the right from the penalty
area kicked a powerful blow, but Ter Stegen saved the team again. In
one of episodes the crossbeam saved Germany – Jiménez headed in
falling but got into a framework.

still Mexicans scored. The team earned a penalty and decided to play
quickly – Fabian shot powerfully and Ter Stegen was powerless.
However was late, the referee has already added the time. Moreover,
Germany restored the status quo – after a fast three-man passing
play Younes who strokes a lovely shot in from six yards on the left
of the box. Mexicans right there rushed to the attack. At first
after Hernandez’s kick the ball passed slightly wide of the mark and
after a corner Jiménez headed in a corner but Ter Stegen saved.
That was the end.

Germany became the second finalist of the Confederations Cup. On
Sunday Germany will meet Chileans in St. Petersburg. On the same day
in Moscow Mexicans will fight with Portugal for the third place on a

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