​Milan: Return of the legend or casual splash

​Milan: Return of the legend or casual splash

Milan has accustomed his fans to be prepared for middle places in the standings recently, but this season the team is rushing to the Champions League, taking so much-needed third place. Gambling & Sports portal is thinking over the Milan breakthrough.


Until recently “Rossoneri” were a constant participant of the Champions League and even its favorite, but financial crisis has painfully influenced on the team. Milan was doing all possible in order to get out participating in economy regime, but nevertheless without money it is extremely difficult to achieve any result. Last season “Rossoneri” had finished its season having taken the seventh place, and previously the team had taken the tenth and eighth lines. Milan was changing its coaches one by one, trying to guess, but neither Seedorf, Inzaghi, Mikhailovich, nor Brocchi yielded result. By its squad Milan was an average team for a long time, and it was extremely difficult to create a miracle with these football players.

Last summer “Rossoneri” initiated another change again. Mikhailovich was dismissed during the last season, and Brocchi haven’t shown anything. Milan counted on favor of one of the most perspective Italian coaches. Vincenzo Montella has made his name by working in “Fiorentina”. Though last season in Sampdoria wasn’t successful for him (the 15th place and only two points of advantage over tumbled out “Carpi”), it wasn’t right to doom this master.

Silvio Berlusconi was negotiating with the Chinese investors about sale of Milan for a long time. In the nearest future the transaction has to be finished though there was a hope that by this summer the team will gain some money. However Montella didn’t receive any funds for strengthening his team. All he could do was to joke that the cheque of the Chinese investors hasn’t come jet. Milan has only signed Gianluca Lapadula from Series B, from Lanusa the defender Gustavo Gómez was bought, from Beşiktaş Jose Sosa was bought, Mario Pašalić from Chelsea and Matías Fernández from Fiorentina was taken and Lionel Vanyoni was admitted free of charge from River Plate. It is impossible to name such selection to be of the level of team of the Champions League in any way. Milan fans had no hopes for success.


However, Montella is one from those coaches who is able to work wonders. And it is impossible to tell unambiguously how does Milan achieve its result. According to percentage of ball possession,”Rossoneri” take the seventh place in the League, by quantity of short passes – the eleventh, long – the twelfth, by percentage of exact passes – the sixth, on kicks in average for a match – the eighth. Generally speaking, there is no factor by which Milan was the leader of Series A. The most important thing is that Montella has refused his favorite ball possession. The coach has decided how to build up the team in order it takes points due to collective actions.

Frankly speaking, sometimes it seems that the main reason of this intermediate success of Milan is the talent of certain football players. 23-year-old Suso at last has started to justify all advances, having scored already 5 goals and having done 6 assists. 17-year-old Gianluigi Donnarumma is confirming the status of the most perspective goalkeeper of the world. 21-year-old Alessio Romagnoli is growing into the next star Italian defender. Plus the good form was regained by 27-year-old Giacomo Bonaventura who heads the gang.

The age of football players is stated with a purpose. Once joked that into Milan it was possible to move only being 30 year old, but now it is a very young team. 18-year-old Manuel Locatelli, Mattia De Sciglio is only 24, M’Baye Babacar Niang – is 21. And Lapadula is only 26. They can make the squad for future years.


Actually now Milan is in very tricky situation. The transaction of club sale is postponed again, and now all are speaking about the possibility that the club will be able to return due to their own reserves. Milan has Carlos Bacca who is still in great from, Luiz Adriano and Keisuke Honda who can be sold to China, and Jose Sosa whom are glad to accept rich Turkish clubs. If the club will do everything eight, in winter “Rossoneri” can have big sum of money that can be invested into strengthening of the squad. First of all, Milan needs the new central defender to strengthen Romagnoli, also the good football player in the center of field wouldn’t go amiss.

Whether it is correct to say that Milan is coming back? We will get the answer to this question in December. Rossoneri are going to Roma during their next tour. Now teams are on the same level, having gathered 32 points. The loser in this match will lose chances to fight for a scudetto, and the winner will continue a hunt for Juventus. But it is possible to speak about the second line which ensures the right to play at a group stage of the Champions League. Milan now is obviously dreaming not of the first place, but just of returning to the main Euro cup. And after Roma “Rossoneri” are waited by Atalanta that now takes the fourth line, and also Juventus.

In order to speak about the return of Milan, the team should pass this pre Christmas period successfully. It is the real examination for the young team of Montella, and we will see what this team is capable of.

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