Mino Raiola: “Klopp has behaved himself in relation to Balotelli as a piece of shit”

This summer Mario has moved to

At the end of June Balotelli has started his trainings with “Liverpool”, but he couldn’t convince Klopp that club needs him.

“Even bosses of “Liverpool” said that Klopp wasn’t right. I am not going to judge him as a coach though for me he is not the greatest of tactics, but, I think, he didn’t even understand what kind of a person Mario is. He always demonstrated model behavior, never complained, even when he was training alone.

It is very simple to tell that Klopp was unfair: he was a piece of shit”, – Football Italia quotes Mino Raiola.

Last season Balotelli played for “Milan”, but “rossoneri” have refused to redeem the the forwarder.

This summer Mario has moved to “Nice”.

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