Monaco will stay without Russian management: hot rumors of the week

Monaco will stay without Russian management: hot rumors of the week

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to French MASS MEDIA the Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev is
accused of bribery of officials and police officers in the rich
Principality. The prince of Monaco Albert II refused to meet
Rybolovlev and his circle after rumors of his illegal actions.
Earlier the Prince and the Russian leaders hadconfidential and even
friendly relations, but now everything has changed.

with Rybolovlev was suspended also by the high-ranking officials. At
the moment Dmitry is on vacation in Los Angeles and nobody knows
whether he will be able to return to the work again. Earlier
Rybolovlev tried to gain citizenship of Monaco, but he still didn’t
manage to gain it. If charges would be confirmed, then Monaco not
only is left without Russian management but also without the most
part of the players because the club will lose a fair part of
financial safety.

had provoked road traffic accident

Thursday the forward of Manchester City Sergio Agüero had
experienced a lot of emotions. At first, the forward of “Citizens”
visited in Amsterdam the concert of his friend – the Colombian singer
Maluma. After that Agüero went to the airport of the Dutch capital
to fly out to Manchester. However, on the way to the airport the car
with the Argentina forward got into accident.

Agüero had provoked road traffic accident

to Agüero the taxi driver was moving very quickly and missed the
necessary turn and then he suddenly lessened the speed and decided to
return to the road junction using reversing. However, the taxi driver
unexpectedly lost the control over a situation and crashed into a
lamp post. Agüero had broken hip and will have to miss from three to
eight weeks that, certainly, will influence on champions’ race and
ambitions of “Citizens”.

there exists also an alternative version of the car traffic accident.
As Dutch sources inform, Agüero’s actions provoked loss
occurrence. As it becomes clear, the football player was drunk when
he got into the car after the concert and was constantly talking with
the driver. Before making a turn Agüero moved towards the wheel and
directed the car towards a lamp-post. The taxi driver will suit
Agüero with compensation claim.

players from Bayern got rid of Ancelotti

Munich start of this season can’t be considered to be successful
and this fact had forced the management of the club to go to the
extremities. After the great defeat the guilty person was found very
quickly in Paris – the head coach of the team Carlo Ancelotti. The
Italian specialist wasn’t able to build normal working
relationships in the team.

of the German TV channel Sport 1 mentioned that the relationships of
the Italian boss and Mats Hummels, Thomas Müller, Franck Ribéry,
Jérôme Boateng and Arjen Robben. Hummels said that he doubts in
tactical flexibility of the Italian specialist. Müller didn’t get
into a starting lineup at all. Ribéry had tossed his shirt after
game substitute against Anderlecht. Boateng wasn’t included into the
bid because of the Champions League match against PSG despite the
fact that the coaching staff headed by “Father Carlo”
assured the central back that he will surely appear at the field.

is obvious that Bayern didn’t manage to adjust relationship with
two foreign experts in a row. Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti
didn’t unlock his potential in Germany. Now the choice can be made
only on the German market.

can cut short his career because of politics

the 1st
of October the milestone will take place in the territory of
Catalonia. In this autonomy a
referendum on independence of Spain will be held. On the same day the
local team Barcelona being the main loud-hailer of independence of
Catalonia in the world, will meet in frames of the Spanish
championship with Las Palmas.

Piqué can cut short his career because of politics

central back of Catalans and one of the leaders of “blue and
garnets” Gerard Piqué encourages his fans to unit and vote for
an exit from Spain in his twitter. Because of the political position
Piqué is subject to obstruction at other Spanish stadiums.
Especially it is true for Madrid,
hated so much, where Pique has already gained negative relation.

season Piqué is ready to suspend his career for the sake of
political activity. Gerard can head the office of Catalan political
party. Reaction of the management of club isn’t known yet.

will forbid sex and parties

English national team will face difficult situation in case of it
qualifies for the final stage of the World Cup in Russia. The plans
of the head coach of the national team Gareth Southgate for spending
the free time during the World Cup became known to the English

Southgate considers Moscow to be very seedy, such night capital of
the world therefore among the main fears he considers night
entertainments to which young players of “Three Lions” will
be seduced. To prevent such actions Southgate will legally forbid
players to leave the hotel by internal statutory act in which all the
rules for football players will be stated.

special ban will be put on sex. The players of the national team will
be strictly forbidden to visit the Russian girls and also to take
with their wives and girlfriends for 30 days.

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