Mourinho: “This MU is my best team”


Is the team close to ideal one? Is it close to what it can demonstrate?

– Of course, I didn’t expect such beginning. The first four kicks turned into three goals. After such a beginning we needed to control a game, to keep calm and to win.

– Before the game you said that the team has to keep calm. After such result and such magnificent game is it difficult to remain on the earth and not to fly on clouds?

– Of course, such victory will influence on team’s condition and on certain players. Especially, I want to mention the players who don’t get a lot of time in matches of the championship and the Cup matches. But today they demonstrated good match. It is difficult to tell the same words about Martial. The players gained some confidence. But it is impossible to fly in clouds as on Saturday we are facing a new match against fresh team. It is necessary to keep confidence.

It was one of the best games of Martial. Can you comment on his actions?

– I am very happy with such away game victory. Last time, when MU had participated at the Champions League two years ago the team didn’t achieve such results. Then we missed a season. Now we returned and showed a good game. Till 60th minute all we demonstrating perfect game and I made some substitutes we lost the speed and were just and were playing off. At the same time nobody said that many football players didn’t participate because of injuries. But those people who were playing were really great.

You told that it is the strongest starting line-up of CSKA against which you are playing. Why then it happened Judging by the result the team is not so great.

– Because it is my best team. Chelsea, Inter, Real were strong teams. With Inter and Real we were playing the playoffs and were happy with the minimum score. But it is my best team.

Will you comment on the fact that your center forward had scored 10 goals prior to October?

– This is an excellent result. The forward doesn’t play alone as the whole team is around him which helps to show him such a result. We had one match this month. He participated in all tournaments since August. As for Romelu, I hope, this compliment won’t work in any way and he will continue to score.

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