Neymar and his parents are defending themselves against allegations of corruption

Neymar and his parents

We are talking about Brazil footballer presumptive fraud in relation to the investment fund DIS when he moved from “Santos” to the Catalan club in2013.

The Prosecutor’s Office believes that along with Neymar and his parents ‘claims should be filed against former Presidents of “Barcelona” and “Santos” – Sandro Roselâ and Odilio Rodrigues respectively, as well as clubs and enterprises which belong to Neymar’s father.

“Regarding the allegations, we would like to make it clear that the economic rights of DIS apply only to the player’s contract with “Santos”. In this context, the sum owed to DIS, was fully paid, “it is noted in a statement.

In addition, the statement said that the player, his parents and businesses are willing to give explanations, as soon as they get summons.

DIS representatives claim that should have received 40% of the amount that “Barcelona” had paid “Santos” for Neymar transfer, but they have got only € 17.1 million, although the Catalan club gave away striker € 83.3 million. Earlier the Court of “Barcelona” acquitted in this case Roselâ and the current head Josep Maria Bartomeu.

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