Paddy Power made a joke with the Prime Minister of Britain who took part in new advertizing

Paddy Power made a joke with the Prime Minister of Britain

company has declared that 12 people took part in statue installation.
As Paddy Power has noted, the monument “is facing Brussels”,
and it can be seen from Normandy.

week London and Brussels officially have begun negotiations on Brexit
from the European Union. Paddy Power has reported that the company
wanted to support Mrs. May and her assistants on negotiations after
dramatic elections results in Great Britain.

will remind, instead of a triumphal victory on elections
Conservatives have lost the majority in Parliament, and Labourists
have considerably increased their representation.

company is also offering a number of bets on negotiations on Brexit
from the European Union. To bet on the fact that in consultations
from the British side will take part not only Theresa May is possible
with coefficient 1.29. With 2.63 it is possible to bet on one more
pre-term elections in Britain in 2017. At last, it is possible to bet
on the fact that Great Britain will refuse to leave the European
Union with coefficient 21.0.

installation the monument seemed to be strong and stable, but after
the wind has changed the statue became shaky and weak. Generally,
this reminds cooperation with the Democratic Unionist Party of
Northern Ireland” — the representative of Paddy Power has

is not the first original campaign of the company using the names of
politicians. In March Paddy Power has drawn attention of its clients
in a scandalous way prior the big horse competitions in Great Britain
— Cheltenham Festival. For advertizing the bookmaker has used masks
representing the faces of the Presidents of Russia and the USA —
Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

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