Portugal won UEFA Futsal EURO, having scratched out a victory on last seconds in overtime

Portugal won UEFA Futsal EURO

failed to define the winner in regulation and extra-time of the match
against Kazakhstan (5:5), Span reached the final only after
successful series penalty shootout.

national teams have already met once in the final of the European
championship in 2010 when Spain had gained convincing victory (4:2).
Its second final in the history Portugal began fantastically. On the
1st minute Ricardinho took the lead, having used the mistake of r
Migelin. The full back decided to go to the center but he was robbed
and the rivals took the advantage.

didn’t want to increase the lead and allowed the opponent to take
control of a ball. Spain weren’t successful with the controlled
attacks – the team obviously lacked the movement and non-standard
actions. The head coach of the team José
Venancio López
couldn’t but pay attention on this fact. He took timeout and was
emotionally explaining to the players how exactly they had to work.

Spanish expert and the team have managed to throw up fists on the
last minute of the first half. Spain carried out the fast left wing
attack and as a result, Lin softly passed to Tolra and he has laid a
ball in a corner.

the second half the teams became even more active and have both
kicked in a framework of the gates. The number of fouls and mistakes
had increased. It is strange but a lot of excellent opportunities
weren’t converted. That was due to fatigue and nervousness. On the
32nd minute Spain have earned the right for a dangerous penalty.
Migelin approached a ball but instead of a direct shot he sent the
ball on a far goal post where Lin was all alone. The forward of Spain
had jist to push the ball into the gates of Portugal.

missed such simple goal at the end of a match, Portugal looked
confused. The Spanish team has great experience of such matches that
can’t be applied to “European” Brazilians. In despair to
win back the points Portugal in three minutes to the end of the match
substituted the goalkeeper with the fifth field that paid off soon.

game continued to be played into injury time and took place in
rather equal manner. It seemed that it won’t be possible to define
the winner in two five-minutes. However in 55 seconds prior to the
end of the injury time Portugal earned the right for 10-meter kick
because of sixth foul of Spain. Bruno

has scored the goal! 3:2! Portugal won and for the first time in
history became the champions of Europe!

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