Professor from Naples: How Maurizio Sarri is building new Chelsea

Professor from Naples Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri is successfully working in England.

The Italian expert became the first coach of Chelsea with whom the team has played without defeats the first 10 matches in the EPL. Gambling&Sports will explain how he achieves such result.

The history of Sarri and Napoli hasn’t ended beautifully. The coach has lost support from the president of team De Laurentiis as the season unfolded and has learnt about his dismissal from the TV program.

The tales of the person who never played even at the amateur level but has won Serie A have been destroyed. Sarri could appear in Russia, but, fortunately for fans of Chelsea after all he has refused to head Zenit.

Maurizio Sarri is building new Chelsea

Chelsea was terribly disorganized, the team hasn’t got into the Champions League and most of the leaders were tired of Conte’s dictatorship and the main star Eden Hazard was looking towards Madrid. In addition, it is forbidden to smoke during the matches in England that became for Sarri a far bigger problem, than all above-mentioned.

Bearing in mind the addiction of the coach to invite well-known players, De Laurentiis has even concluded the gentleman’s agreement with Abramovich about inadmissibility of inviting the football players of Napoli during the first season but one player had to be lost after all.

However, it is necessary to tell that Jorginho anyway was going to leave Naples and was with one leg in Manchester City.

Having learnt about Sarri’s appointment, the midfielder has at once intended to work with him again and it became nearly the key factor of Sari’s success, especially at the beginning.

Jorginho is the leader of the EPL by the number of assists on average for a match and the main conductor of the ideas of the Italian specialist. Eden Hazard even has called the midfielder the son of the head coach.

Jorginho is the leader of the EPL

And this shows that they are very close with each other but it is far more important that other football players in blue t-shirts, looking at the Italian specialist, it is easier to understand what the coach wants from them.

As it was expected, Sarri in many respects wants to copy Napoli and some football players had to undergo significant reconstruction.

For the first time Sarri has surprised England when he has replaced the position of the best holding midfielder of the Premier League N’Golo Kanté.

If earlier the Frenchman was a special anchor and was playing even deeper than other midfielders, then now he is playing with them on one line and often Jorginho is even higher. Now Kanté is not only actively participating in the attacking actions but is also running into the penalty area and threatens the rival’s gate.

In other words, N’Golo carries out a role of Allan who was acting in Napoli in a similar manner. The basis of Sarri’s football is power play in the attack and the use of triangles in a midfield so the classical holding midfielder doesn’t fit at all into his scheme.

Fortunately, Kanté has managed to adapt to a new role though many experts note that he lacks the attacking skills and his strong qualities are wasted. Allan has scored 4 goals in Serie A and has made 5 assists. But it is useless to wait such results from the Frenchman.

So far the plan is working after all but Sarri understands that it is necessary to reconsider Kanté’s role a little bit in order to achieve ideal balance.

This is Eden Hazard who for 100% is happy with his role in team.

Not accidentally Mr. has told the Belgian that he has the best work on the planet. Until recently he hinted at leaving Chelsea and now Real will need to do its best in order to convince him to leave London.

Hazard has found the unprecedented level of freedom

Hazard has found the unprecedented level of freedom and began to take the leading role more often than earlier under the leadership of Sarri. The team leader has no certain position on the field and when it comes about the power play in the attack which is so appreciated by Sarri, it is difficult to overestimate Hazard’s role.

Not accidentally he is the leader by average marks after 10 rounds of the Premier League. If Florentino Pérez gets Eden in winter, this will become a great tragedy for the Blues. He can stay in many respects because of desire to work with Sarri who is making from him strong football player.

At the same time, you shouldn’t think that Chelsea doesn’t experience any problems. Chelsea has many problems but two Italian coaches have absolutely different approaches in solving them.

If the former head coach furiously demanded from the bosses to give him new players, then the current coach believes that for transformation of the most effective team of the EPL into the most effective one he first of all needs time.

Not all football players have got used to difficult football of Sarri therefore sometimes there occur absolutely silly mistakes. Hamšík’s position in the midfield is vacant and Fabregas, Loftus-Cheek and Kovačić are fighting for it. Still attack demands more attention.

Even though Giroud is very useful he hasn’t scored any goal in the EPL, Morata has shined 3 times but this is not what all waited from him. Perhaps, the head coach will force the Spaniard to score regularly but Chelsea is thinking about purchase of the forward in winter.

The presence of the forward who can score regularly can strongly diversify the game of midfielders who will have more options of continuation of the attack than they have now. However, even if the transfer won’t take place all are sure that Sarri will think up something.

It is possible to wait for anything from the person who has forced Kanté to attack and who has made from small Mertens the center forward.

At last everything has calmed down in the western London and after Mourinho and Conte it is difficult to imagine that the coach of Chelsea can do without constant complaints, arguments with players and the management and can blame himself for the mistakes. Sarri meanwhile is doing all these.

He is methodically building absolutely new team and it is very interesting to watch evolution of Chelsea.

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