Pyrotechnic show of Croats, Gamshik’s concert. 8 results of the second round of Euro


Round impression

The real trend of this Euro are goals in the last minutes – there are already 11 of them, and often these goals were decisive. Sturridge, for example, in duel ending with Wales has opened England the road to the playoff, Czechs in, apparently, the lost match with Croats on teeth have pulled out draw, Payette has placed all points over i with Albania. Generally, there are enough bright episodes and we will not focus attention on some concrete. What is called, matter of taste.

Tournament revelation

Many blame the national team of Ukraine for weak and muffled game in the second round, however they turn a little attention to how the national team of Northern Ireland has opposed them. British were obvious outsiders of group, however they have proved to be strong in match with Poland (to tell the truth,they didn’t get any points), and now have worked out with much more stronger in class Ukrainian national team. It is quite possible that we will see North Irish in the playoff. And there could happen anything.

Match of the tournament

There were really many effective outcomes, however by intensity of emotions the meeting of Croatia and the Czech Republic is marked out. Having destroyed Turkey in the first round, players to Anta Chachicha have started to plat with former emotions and by the middle of the second half have ensured comfortable handicap in two balls. Skoda goal at first seemed only to be just misunderstanding, however after the compelled pause in meeting ending (we will tell about it below) Croats have not managed to return to game and have brought penalty to the gate. Ex-“soldier” Tomáš Necid has punished Balcanians and has kept chances to leave group for the Czech Republic. On the back of enthusiastic opinions about the game of the Croatian national team this draw has once again shown that these or those problems have all teams presented on this Euro.

Tournament problems

And again fans — Croatian have caused a stir this time. It was difficult to understand what was moving the people sitting on tribunes, hurling the field with flares in duel ending with the Czech Republic. Game was stopped for several minutes, and after its renewal Croats have received practically at once penalty in the gate. Whether this break has affected the game? It is thought that yes. As it has become clear later, fans of Split “Hejduk” prior to the beginning of Euro threatened to break one of matches of the country in protest to the policy of the local football union. They didn’t manage to break the match. They have managed to complicate to the team the process of getting into the playoff. Whether it was worth it?

Goal of the tournament

It is difficult to comapre Gamshik’s goal to the gates of national team of Russia on this Euro with something else. Yes, there was a penalty goal made by Bale, the major goal of Eder to the gates of Sweden, Morata’s double, however what was performed by Marek in the match with Russia, by a twist of fate for a long time will remain in memory. Yes, it is possible, the defenders have allowed the Slovak leader too much by given him the opportunity to accept a ball in penalty after corner kick , however execution of a kick deserves the highest mark. Very world class.

Player of the round

It is banal, but here again it is necessary to mark Marek Gamshik. The fans who are not tempted with football could notice him before he entered the field – the effective mohawk and abundance of tattoos attracts attention. And when the starting whistle was heard, the halfback of “Napoli” practically did not vanish from screens. In many respects non-standard actions of Marek have allowed Slovaks to get an advantage in the center of the field in a match with Russia. And his goal pass and splendid goal deserve to be put in all top-lists of this summer.

Team of the round

Belgium and Spain have won effective and beautiful victories over rivals, having arranged defeat of Ireland and Turkey. However, as well as in the first round, there is a wish to allocate a team game of the Italian national team. Having endured an impact of Swedes in the first half, “skuadra adzurra” has competently played on the trumps and in the second half has achieved the necessary result. About model game of highly experienced Italian defense it is not necessary to write — zero blows to the gates of Buffon prove this game. Without having in attack and half-backs star football players, Conte squeezes out a maximum of the available resources. Two tours have been taken place, and Antonio’s team ensures the first place in group, having proved that this Italy is really capable of something great.

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