Rolan Garros attracts the attention

Rolan Garros attracts the attention

“Rolan Garros” – the 3rd by its age tournament of “Grand Slam” after Wimbledon and US Open. The first tournament was held in the club “Stad France” in 1891 and the champion was the Englishman H. Briggs. In 1897 for the first time the tournament was played among women. At that time the competitions were not so popular in the world as they were of national championship status.

In 1925 the tournament became international but still 8 times in a row only Frenchmen were winning-the representatives of famous “Les Quatre Mousquetaires”- Jean Borotra, Rene Lacoste, Henri Cochet (Jacques Brugnon was bright “pairman”). Among women the leader was famous Suzan Lenglen. For two times the competition was stoped because of World War I and II (1915-1919 and 1940-1945).

In order to celebrate the victory of national team of France in the Davis Cup in 1927 in the Bois de Boulogne in the suburbs of Paris the special tennis construction was built that was named after the pioneer aviator and army pilot Rolan Garros. Since time his name started to be associated with tennis.

The central court of the tennis constuction was built in 1928 and can accept 15 000 people. In 2001 it was named after the former president of tennis federation of France Fillip Shatrje. The second by its important stadium Suzan Lenglen can accept 10 000 people. And the court #1-3700. Since 1968 -the new period of tennis-the tournament has gained the status of an Open championship of France. Current tournament of “Rolan Garros” will be 115 in number.

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