Ronaldo will leave the Champions League because of club from Madrid

Ronaldo will leave the Champions League

The match between Juventus and Atl. Madrid after the draw procedure of the 1/8 finals considered to be a hidden final. Of course, it is early to say that the winner of this pair will reach the decisive stage but of course it is impossible to challenge the fact that any of these teams can do this. And the head-to-head is of a great importance. By the way, the first match took place in Madrid – where the final will take place.

There was no favorite in this pair even in the first match. Perhaps, Juventus seemed to be a little more interesting but in matches against Atl. Madrid it is impossible to become a favorite. At the same time on the course of the first half Atl.

Madrid has ruined a little bit the chances of final success. We speak here about Diego Costa and Thomas Partey ‘s yellow cards. Because of the yellow cards received in Madrid both won’t play in Turin and for the current team it is quite serious problem.

yellow cards received in Madrid

It is unlikely that transformation of Atl. Madrid is connected with this fact but Madrilenians came to the second half with the crazy spirit. Diego Simeone’s football players rushed forward as if they had nothing to lose and it was necessary to risk. Juventus has managed to bounce few times and they were helped by VAR with one moment. However the spirit of Atl. Madrid has helped.

Two goals have made the team almost unconditional favorite. Of course, Juventus remains the top club with top football players among whom at least one is the best in the world. And if the team from Turin has met with some other team, it would be rather early to bury it. All remember how Juventus has almost created a miracle with Real on Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

However the problem lies in Atl. Madrid. Madrilenians always play from defense, relying on counterattacks. Players of Simeone will be pleased also with the goalless draw in terms of their ability to run away and to score.

In Turin the football club from Turin will be playing in super comfortable condition. 0:2 will force Juventus to go, climb, fly forward. Italians should score at least twice to get a chance to transfer the battle at least into the overtime.

At 0:1 the football players of Massimiliano Allegri could act more quietly, accurately. However 0:2 won’t give time for the gradual entrance to the game.

Of course, Atl.Madrid will catch the counterattacks in which it will be able to run away. One missed goal will make position of Juventus desperate. And Atl. MAdrid is nearly the best team in the world that is able to score in such situations.

Generally speaking it appears that Cristiano Ronaldo won’t win the Champions League this time. And he will leave because of the team from Madrid though not from that. And Atl. Madrid needs not to relax, otherwise they will pay.

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