Sex scandal in Euro opening day. David de Hea’s hell

Sex scandal in Euro opening day

David de Hea once again has reminded to all that he is the pleasant and modest guy on June 8 when he spoke about the competition for the place in start with Iker Casillas. “If I do not play from first minutes, it will not become the disappointment. All of us – team, and all shall work for general welfare and who shall play – let the coach solve”. But that was personal opinion of de Hea, and fans of Spanish national team have been sure that on this Euro David shall take the place in gates. Perhaps, on Monday he will do as he planned, but today, unfortunately, doubts have appeared.

The bomb has blown in the El Diario newspaper. There this morning the article with main characters – two girls, the pornoproducer, player from “Athletics” Iker Muniain, one more football player and David de Hea – has been published.

What it is told in the materials of investigation?

We will remind that they were already taken to court in case of rape in 2012, but then the police had no enough proofs and the testimony, and case has been closed. Investigation has received a new wave quite recently, in April. Accusation managed to prove that the pornoproducer, famous in Spain (in the past the director and the actor) Ignacio Allende Fernández is guilty of a pimping, blackmail, rapes and production of a child pornography. Now he is imprisoned, and during hearings the police has taken under protection several witnesses whose names are not revealed for the purpose of safety.

Among them there is a girl who appears in the investigation under the code name TP3. She has told how in 2012 David de Hea has invited her to a party to one of the Madrid hotels. To the hotel she was brought by Ignacio Fernández, there he has taken away the witness and one more girl to the room where there were two men. One of them – Iker Muniain, the identity of another is not revealed yet (though in the El Confidencial newspaper it is called — attention! — Isko). According to the witness, Fernández has told girls that they must have sex with men and have do whatever they want. He has also promised that they will be paid well. When girls have refused, they have been beaten, and then by force have been forced to have sex with men. After that Fernández has threatened to deal shortly with victims of violence if they tell somebody about what has happened.

Now several details. The witness TP3 has reported that she long enough communicated with de Hea by means of SMS messages and has accepted his party invitation. Also it is clear from her words that the fact of rape can be kept on a film as Ignacio Fernández had begun to film everuthing. But football players have prohibited him to continue it, having told that this can destroy their career. At last, it became known that the second victim at the time of crime execution was a minor.

Moreover, after a while the witness has started again to receive sms from de Hea. The football player has taken an interest whether she is ready to meet with several players from “Manchester United” and with him also. Now the investigation is working to find out whether this meeting has taken place in reality.

Matter is not only in de Hea

The above described case of rape is only one in a set which has been considered to happen within investigation of illegal activities of Ignacio Fernández. He as it has been proved by accusation, has created a pimping network in which the cases of compulsion of women to intimate relationship became the mass phenomenon. Many of injured women were foreigners, and it was easy to force them to be silent by means of blackmail. Actually, the investigation is working on accountability of one of partners Fernández, Boris Malinovsky. The native of Ukraine, according to El Diario, is involved in involvement in the sex industry of foreigners.

Generally, it is obvious that it is much more serious case, than a regular party with participation of football players. The organized network which by means of threats and blackmail had kept for several years the activities in secret has been destroyed. But now, when the head of a network has ended up behind the bars, many victims have decided to start talking. And many testimonies which were earlier unknown have leaked out into the press.

Is de Hea guilty?

The goalkeeper of Spanish national team has reacted without delay. He has consulted with Del Bosque and the press officer of Spanish national team then he has decided to hold a short press conference. “I am very surprised what I have read in the press. I want to declare that all this is lie and a counterfeit, I have no even slightest relation to this. I will remain in team and I will only be stronger. My lawyers will take care of the rest”.

Proceeding from those materials which have appeared in the press now, David’s mentioning in case really raises questions. First, he was not in hotel. If in a case with Muniain and other player everything is clear: all are false evidences, or they are guilty of rape, de Hea’s participation is considered at the level of partnership in the organization of a meeting. Secondly, proceeding from SMS messages, iot was possible that he didn’t know that the meeting has taken place not by a mutual consent.

And most important question: why it became known right now? Fernández’s process took place behind closed doors, the police did everything to keep the maximum privacy. Evidences of witness TP3 have been given a year ago, in June 2015. The guilty of Fernández has been proved in Spring, accountability of his accomplices still continues. To whom it is profitable to make this unprecedented information throw exactly today, on the eve of the beginning of Euro, –nobode knows. Actually, also the Spanish journalists ask the same question.

What’s next

Unfortunately, irrespective of outcome of the case, the difficult period is facing the goalkeeper of Spanish national team now. His name has been involved in sex scandal at the most inappropriate moment that can only be imagined. He is involved indirectly, but thousands of readers will not start to work with details, not all will even read in news that de Hea was not present at a meeting about that there is a speech.

In Spain fans of the national team sadly joke in social networks that a name of the secret witness for the prosecution which is concealed by police, – Iker Casillas. The joke is unhumorous, but it illustrates complexity of a situation in which there is now de Hea. On the one hand, he may simply not think about the foorball now, on the another – it is possible, that having exactly concentrated at the game, he will quicker manage to overcome this stage.

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