Shaman’s spells for Messi and other crap in the most exotic football countries

Shaman’s spells for Messi and other crap

in highlands

recently Neymar in Instagram has published a photo of Brazilian
national team wearing oxygen masks after the match with the national
team of Bolivia and he also complained of incredibly difficult game

matter is that the stadium where the national team of Bolivia is
playing is at the height about 3 600 m. And though FIFA forbids play
at the height more than 3 000 m there was no place lower in the most
mountain capital of the world La Paz therefore an exception was made.

the match of which Neymar was complaining so much Brazilian national
team was doing quite well but Argentina national team in the same
World Cup qualification had a lot of problems– players were forced
to use oxygen masks during the match, and Messi, by hearsay, even
vomited during the break.

black magic

many exotic countries you won’t surprise anybody with magic rituals
which allegedly bring good luck. They say that more than in half of
the African clubs there is even a regular shaman. But the most famous
are the Peruvian sorcerers who spelled Lionel Messi and Cristiano
Ronaldo on good luck before World Cup 2010. They used posters of
football players, cup model
of the
World Cup, flower petals and traditional smoking.

by the way, foretold Messi’s victory with Argentina national team on
the FIFA World Cup and the fact that he will become the best player
of the tournament.

absolute crap had happened during the game between youth teams of
Senegal and Zambia. The player of the Senegalese national team during
a pause tried to spell the gates of opponents: he got big dead bat
from his stockings and began to carry out a magic ritual.

in the name of the leader

football of North Korea, as well as in any other sphere of life of
this country, fully depends on the leader and is played only for the
sake of his glory. Kim Jong-un declares that he supports Manchester
United though the broadcasts of the European leagues are forbidden in
the country and only sometimes EPL rounds’ reviews can be viewed on
television. Live football broadcasts aren’t welcomed in Northern
Korea – even matches of a domestic championship are firstly edited
and only beautiful picture is broadcasted in record. Though there are
also some exceptions. After quite successful game of the national
team against Brazil at World Cup 2010 (North Koreans lost only with
the 1:2) the government of the country overestimated the abilities of
the team and decided to show in a live broadcast a match against
Portugal that ended with fiasco 0:7. Legend has it that after the
game all players of the national team were sent to death camp for
high treason though actually it is not true.

all severity of the political regimen North Korean football players
even play abroad – in Switzerland, Japan and Russia.

in football

is difficult to find strong football players in the national team of
Nepal but not only people play football. Regularly the football match
between elephants at a national festival is taken place. They are
considered in the country as sacred. The animals are driven by people
and even score goals.


Iran players of a women’s team are obliged to carry an element of a
national suit, namely a hijab, during the matches that isn’t so
unusual to the Muslim country. But once, the hijab made it possible
to eight Iranian men to play instead of women’s team. However, very
quickly the truth got out – “football players” failed the
test for gender attributes and were disqualified from everywhere.

federation explained that men played for a women’s team not with the
purpose to strengthen it but because they “felt like women”
and waited for gender surgery.

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