Stubborn Rashford had earned three points for Manchester United in Lisbon

Rashford had earned three points for Manchester United in Lisbon

Benfica has failed the start of a group stage of the Champions League. At the first round Rui Vitória’s team at home had lost to CSKA (1:2), and at the second away match it was beaten by Basel (0:5). Portuguese perfectly understood the situation in which they appeared. In order to get into the playoffs “Eagles” had to win over Manchester United at the third round. José Mourinho’s team demonstrated very powerful start at the strongest club tournament of the continent, having gained two victories with the total score 7:1. On Estádio da Luz “Red Devils” expected to continue their victorious path.

starting piece had passed practically without any scoring chances and
both teams were quite strong. Manchester United often tried to build
the attack by using quick pass from the central area into the attack
line but the players of the front line acting on the brink of offside
often appeared to be off side. Benfica nevertheless was able to
strengthen their efforts. At the fifteenth minute the pass from the
partner was closed by Eduardo Salvio but he didn’t get to the left
corner. Shortly after the corner cross Romelu Lukaku hit the
crossbar, however a moment before it the Belgian forward had violated
the rules against the goalkeeper.

time the drawing of the game didn’t change. José Mourinho’s players
continued to get to offsides (in a first half British six times
appeared off side), and Rui Vitória ‘s football players were moving
forward but didn’t create any chances. Closer to an end of a first
half Manchester United had woken up, and the chances began to arise.
At first Romelu Lukaku flew on the left wing and made an ideal pass
on Markus Rashford, however Rubén Díaz took a ball and intercepted
it. Soon Nemanja Matić kicked from the left border of rival’s
penalty area – Mile Svilar saved the team. And then Henrikh
Mkhitaryan kicked from middle distance from the right but didn’t get
the top corner.

the break nothing has changed. Benfica attracted attention rather by
its desire to move forward. But no scoring chances were noted.
Nemanja Matić tried change the game at the 59
minute. The Serbian midfielder was good but couldn’t upset the former
team – the ball flew by one meter above a crossbar. Soon the author
of a masterpiece could become Markus Rashford who made a corner,
however the goalkeeper of Benfica was very attentive. It is
interesting that Rashford in a minute later kicked from a field
corner and again Svilar saved the team.

Rashford didn’t give up his attempt and the third attempt was lucky
for the young forward. Again from the left wing Rashford made a cross
but this time not from a corner kick but from penalty area. The
goalkeeper of Benfica didn’t cope with this ball. He caught a ball
but at the same time he came into the gates. The special system of
goal fixing helped the referee to make the faultless decision.

that Manchester United had an opportunity to do what all teams of
José Mourinho are able to do perfectly – to sit on a lead.
Insignificant injury of Markus Rashford who scored a goal became the
unpleasant moment for British team. Limping, the player left the
field, having given the way to Anthony Martial. Benfica tried to
change the situation but didn’t manage to improve the attack. At
the end “eagles” were left in minority and the second
yellow card was received by Luisão.

score 0:1 was on a score-board till a final whistle. Manchester
United didn’t show bright football but won a victory. As in the best
traditions of José Mourinho.

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