to keep safe the intrigue the owner of Etihad Stadium didn’t tell the
sum of the transfer, and, above all – the name of the new owner of a
record transfer.

we mention new world record half a century ago, in 1960th
, it would be possible to imagine as the hero of this transfer Pelé
or Eusébio. Further in 1970th
two most popular football players of the world were Gerd Müller and
Johannes Cruijff. Then it was Diego Maradona and Michel Platini.

if today we speak about new unique transfer record which is in
advance announced by Sheikh Mansour,
then there can be only two candidates – Lionel Messi or Cristiano
Ronaldo. And, right now the probability of signing, both the
Argentinean, and the Portuguese is incredibly high.

MESSI. Every time when Barcelona experiences game or squad crisis, or
when the temporary head coaches were of the level of Gerardo Martino
who doesn’t handle the situation, the Argentinean says that he
would like to move to the team of his favorite coach Josep Guardiola.

is happening now? The current management of Catalan club is
constantly giving to the fans information about considerable
strengthening of the squad. But as a result, except the holding
midfielder Paulinho in China Barçelona doesn’t sign anybody.

the same time, strong Catalan trio has completely broken up as Neymar
has moved to PSG, and Luis Suárez because of a trauma won’t be
playing for a long time. As a result, Leo was left alone with the
players from the closest reserve. And we doubt that such future will
strongly please the football player…

RONALDO. And against the captain of Real the real persecution has
begun in June which continues to this day. And in this situation the
position of the almighty boss of the royal club Florentino Pérez is
very surprising.

if he hasn’t managed to protect the captain from prosecution he is
certainly able to resolve an issue with the management of football
federation concerning cancellation of this absurd disqualification.
But he is doing nothing, and is waiting how will his team play
without the leader. So Cristiano Ronaldo has not a huge desire to
change the team.

wish you successful betting!

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