Tears and turmoil. How Paris has gone through the last day of the Euro


t was unbelievable! The fan zone in Paris was closed two hours before the start of the match. An outstanding situation for Euro 2016. The fact that the maximum capacity of The Champ de Mars is 92k people. Two hours before Portugal-France battle the area had already been packed like a tin of sardines. Police had to cordon off the whole zone. It was worth seeing – fans were trying to get in telling fantastic stories and using plaintive pleas. But the police were absolutely uncompromising.

France is home to about 350k Portuguese. They managed to do the impossible: they were visible in a sea of local fans. And it’s pretty good, judging by how fanatic the French about their team. However 90% of the audience were nervous about Deschamps’ team. And that atmosphere was breathtaking.

The hosts (both the players, and fans) caught courage. It seemed that nothing in the world could stop them: the Germans were defeated, which meant that the Portuguese wouldn’t cause any problem.

It felt weird at 109th minute when Éder scored a goal. As if you see the goal with your own eyes, but you can’t believe in its existence. Maybe they would announce that it was an offside or a foul, or something like that. Could the Portuguese national team score like that in front of the eyes of the French fans? But in a second you realize that the goal was really scored. No matter how out of place it might seem in such an atmosphere.

You should have seen the faces of Portuguese fans, which were in minority. They also could not believe what was happening. One guy went crazy and began to run around with the Portuguese flag on the fan zone full of the French. Seemed like a provocation. It wasn’t very nice, especially after what happened at the 25th minute of the match. The French supported Cristiano Ronaldo with the applause of solidarity, when he was carried off from the field on a stretcher.

Literally everybody was crying, which looked strange. It was clear that the French and the Portuguese had different emotions. One guy in red and green colors was talking on the phone. Or better to say he was shouting: “Сampeões caralho!”. The first word means “Champions”, and the second is the most dirty expression that only exists in Portuguese.

A curious story happened to the Eiffel tower. It used to be illuminated with the colors of champions’ flag after the playoffs. But that time the backlight was turned on only for three seconds in green-red, and then immediately switched to the colors of the French national team. Obviously a majority didn’t even notice a short period of green-red illumination. Puzzled fans were approaching the volunteers asking why the main building of Paris backlit with the wrong colors was. It reminded the story when in 1950 the Brazilians made the medals for their team before the finals. Funny, but the Uruguayans won that World Cup. The medals had to be destroyed.


If you call a spade a spade, France experienced a real shock. Local fans knew that theoretically, they could lose, but it seemed very doubtful. But at the last moment the trophy was gone. The majority of the French accepted the defeat with dignity. The rest went to turn the trash. As if the wipers of the French capital had little work to do.

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