That is yje way by which Zidane for 5 months had led “Real” to victory in the Champions League


Sergio Ramos is recognized as the best player of a Champions League final, and the last penalty has scored Cristiano Ronaldo, but the main hero of “Real” — for the first time for a very long time – is not the player, but the coach! It is wise to compare this “Real” with November in order to get convinced of this fact as we will see two absolutely different teams. How has Zinedine Zidane turned one into another? Let’s track him since the summer.

23.06.2015. He has told that would like to become the coach of “Real”. “Of course, if this work was offered me, I wouldn’t begin to refuse. I don’t feel disappointment from the fact that they have preferred other coach. I understand that time hasn’t come yet”. 10.08.2015. I have refused to “Marseille”. The French club was looking for the new head coach after Marcelo Byels has resigned. But Zidane has preferred to remain in structure of Madrilenians and has continued to work with “Castilla”.

26.10.2015. I have flatterly spoken of Benitez’s work after a victory of “Real” over “Selta”. The team from Vigo became the great opening of a season, has crushed at home “Barsa”, but “Real” has surely beaten upstarts.”It should be noted what phenomenal work Benitez is making in “Real”, he perfectly copes with pressure” — Zidane has told then.

21.11.2015. I have refused to head “Real”. The offer to replace Benitez has arrived from Perez at once after loss in 0:4 from “Barcelona”. Perhaps, it has been made on emotions, but Zidane had enough composure to weigh everything and not to agree.

Winter: modesty and search of balance in game

4.01.2016. He has agreed to head “Real”. Before the last match of the first circle “Real” was behind “Barsa” on only five points (and on four behind “Atletico”), but problems of team were not of mathematical sense. Rafa didn’t manage to hold “locker room”, the bet on Bale has caused Cristiano’s displeasure, and refusal of Kasemiro in important matches (by hearsay, under pressure of Perez) costed to Madrilenians of several important points.

05.01.2016. He has gathered the first press conference. Zidane has noted the work of the predecessor again and has wished him good luck. Also he has declared that he considers Bale as the “fundamental” player for “Real”, and has designated a main goal for the rest of the season: “We have to win something, and I will do everything possible to achieve this goal”. 09.01.2016. He has won the first match as the coach of “Real” with the score 5:0. The hat trick was made by Bale, a double by Benzema.

16.02.2016. He has called Cristiano Ronaldo the best player in the world.

24.01.2016. In the third match in the Premiere Zidane has for the first time lost points, having drawn with “Betis”. The lead over “Barsa” has increased to seven points. The coach used only two replacements in game and after a match told that he had no one to change any more, “because all players who were in the field acted well”.

05.02.2016. He has appointed as the assistant coach the former partner in “Bordeaux” – Stefan Planck. Planck was analyzing game of the closest rivals of “Real” for Zidane.

13.02.2013. He has called Ronaldo’s goal in gate of “Athletics” “fucking”. Literally: “I am not sure that it can be spoken so, but Cristiano has scored simply “fucking” goal!”

17.02.2016. He has acted for the first time as the head coach in the
Champions League. “Real” has easily won “Roma” (0:2), having actually
provided the participation in a quarterfinal.

27.02.2016. He has lost at home to “Atletico”. After this match Zidane recognized that fight for a title in Spain is ended, and also has declared that some changes are needed for his team. After this match Kasemiro was playing always when he was healthy. In the remained 12 tours “Real” has never lost points, having won 12 victories. Cristiano will score in them 13 goals.

Spring: Kasemiro, successful calendar and triumph

05.03.2016.He has won at home “Selta” with the score 7:1. The first half has ended with the minimum advantage of hosts, and guests were the same. But during the break Zidane has managed to explain simply the to football players how it is necessary to play football. In the second half Cristiano has played poker. Nevertheless lag from “Barcelona” was 12 points, from “Atletico” — four.

15.03.2016. After a difficult victory over “Las Palmas” Zidane has refused to communicate with own players. At a press conference he has told journalists that with such game and such relation to business it is difficult for “Real” to count on something.

02.04.2016.He has won a visit match with “Barcelona”. “Real” has played a match in the best traditions of Mourinjo (or present “Atletico”): without high pressure, but constantly blocking zones for kicks and selflessly acting on secure. In this match Madrilenians owned a ball 33% of time, but have made more gate shoots, than their rivals.

06.04.2016. He has lost the first round of a quarterfinal of Championship League to “Wolfsburg”. “Real” really looked bad, but It should be noted that the goalkeeper of Germans Diego Benaglio has made several saves, and guests have made more than 20 shoots to the gate.

07.04.2016. He has publicly lectured Hames Rodriguez for the fact that that he laughed during warm-up period when his team lost.

13.04.2016. “Real” has crushed “Wolfsburg” in a return match and has come to the semifinal. Zidane has torn trousers.

17.04.2016. Said that “Real” is psychologically stronger than “Barcelona” and “Atletico”. That day the Royal Club won “Getafe” and “Barcelona” lost to “Valencia” at home. The gap between the leader of the Championship was reduced to one point.

20.04.2016. Lost Cristiano Ronaldo, who got injured in stoppage time in a game vs “Villarreal”.

26.04.2016. Held a guest match with Manchester City, that will enter the history as one of the most boring in the history of the Champions League semi-finals. Only Zidane, who has torn his pants again made the match interesting.

Aristocrat and a bully. How are behaving on the edge Zidane and Simeone

3.05.2016. With Ronaldo who has returned to the team, but without the injured Benzema and Kasemiro Real Madrid won at home “Man City”. In fairness it should be noted that even a game with “Las Palmas” required great efforts. The main match of the season the team of Pellegrini has failed. “Real” didn’t even bother; guests all made themselves.

8.05.2016. Won the challenging match with “Valencia”, and mistake of “Atletico” has brought “Real” to the second place before the last round of the Championship. Gap with Barcelona still accounted for one point.

14.05.2016. Congratulated “Barcelona”with winning the Championship. “They deserve this title, but I’m proud of my players and the work that we have done.”

25.05.2016. Said that he considers one of the best contemprorary coaches Simeone while he said, ” he has a lot to learn.”

28.05.2016 Won the Champions League final.

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