The bookmakers have initiated betting on the year of the UK withdrawal from EC

UK withdrawal from EC

As it is written in the 50th article of the Lisbon agreement, the country has two years for negotiations concerning the issue of withdrawal from European Union. After this period the government of the United Kingdom has to build new relations with EC in the sphere of trade industry, security and so on, as The Financial Times writes.

At that, country authorities do not know exactly how the process of withdrawal will be happening. That is why, as the edition notes, this process will last up to ten years.

According to William Hill quotations, the UK, probably, will leave EC in 2019. It is possible to bet on this event with 1.8. It should be noted, that many supporters of Brexit as the part of Conservative party have declared that the United Kingdom will officially leave EC by December 2019, as SBC News claims.

The probability of withdrawal of the country from EC in 2020 or even later is evaluated with the coefficient 2.5. And, at last, to bet on the event that the United Kingdom will leave EC in 2018 or even earlier is possible with 5.0.

“Professional bettors who are specializing on political betting consider that withdrawal of the UK from EC will be rather later than sooner”, – the representative of William Hill Graham Sharpe had explained the quotations.

It should be noted, that on 13th of July David Cameron had officially resigned as UK Prime Minister. The new Prime Minister became Theresa May,who was earlier the leader of the Home Secretary. She is considered to be one of the favourites for the leader of the Conservative Party after Boris Johnson had refused to stand for elections.Read also: Bookmakers were mistaken with an assessment of results of a referendum in Great Britain

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