The British fan had eaten horse dung for £40 ($50)

The British fan had eaten horse dung for £40 ($50)

guy won a bet and received the sum of £40 ($50) however his girl
declared that she won’t kiss him for a month.

23-year-old fan of Exeter City football club got loaded in a pub
before derby with Plymouth in April this year. The fair bit of
alcohol also led to that unusual bet, as Daily Mail reports.

said so done. Bamber ate the fresh dung that was left by the police
horse passing down the street. One of his friends caught this process
on video.

order to cope with consequences of this bet the guy had to eat then
the whole tube of a toothpaste.

like to do mad things, I like to play to the crowd. $50 are $50, but
I think that I would eat it even without any money. Guys told, after
that I didn’t speak much because there was unpleasant smell. Well,
I have to say that we aren’t kissing with my girlfriend for a
month” — Bamber told to journalists.

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