The chances of Trump to become a President

The chances of Trump to become a President

In the beginning of May the candidate to President of the USA from Republicans Ted Cruz has left the election race. The only rival of Donald Trump at primaries with a wide margin in the Republicans camp is John Kasich but he has no chances to get the necessary amount of votes for nomination. Comparing with the success of Trump at the Betfair betting exchange the odds on the fact that the billionaire will become the President is lowered to the extremely low point 3,0.

A week ago it was possible to bet on this fact with odds 3,7. It is interesting to know that the chances of billionaire to win the election race was evaluated with odds 340,0.
After Ted Cruz has ended his election campaign the players at Betfair are sure that Trump will become the candidate from the Republicans and will participate at the final stage of election race. To bet on this fact is possible with 1,01.

The probability of winning of the candidate from Democrats Hillary Clinton is 1,3. The former Secretary of State is still the main favourite to become the chosen successor of Barack Obama.

In July at the meetings in Philadelphia and Cleveland the candidates for USA presidential chair from both parties will be announced officially. The election of the President will start on the 8 of November 2016.

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