​The chances of Trump to become the U.S. President have fallen after the video scandal and the second debatе

​The chances of Trump to become the U.S. President have fallen after the video scandal and the second debatе

After that video in mass media that compromises Trump and during the debate his chances to win election had fallen greatly, but after the debate they had elevated again. Now the traders at the Betfair stock exchange are assessing the probability of Trump’s victory with the coefficient 4.5 (or 22%).

Just before the debate the website of The Washington Post newspaper has placed the video file of a conversation of the U.S. nominee for president from the Republican Party Donald Trump with the TV anchor. This conversation depicts the attitude of the candidate towards women: he used rough and coarse expressions.

The media magnate describes the attempts to seduce the married woman and is making boast of the fact that, being a star, he can accost any woman.

The public, including republican legislators reacted sharply to this situation, having urged Trump to withdraw his candidacy. Moreover, about ten republicans, including Senator John McCain, have declared in public that they won’t vote for Donald Trump.

After this incident, the coefficient on Trump’s victory on election began to grow very quickly — with 3.8 (26%) to 4.8 (21%) and further it exceeded the mark of 6.0 (17%) and reached 6.4 (16%), but not for too long. Before the debate Trump’s chances were assessed by the coefficient 5.7 (18%). At the same time on Hillary’s presidency the coefficient has decreased starting with 1.36 (74%) and reached 1.25 (80%).

During the debate Trump declared that he is ashamed of what has happened but, according to him, it was only man-to-man talk in men’s locker room. And then he began to attack Hillary Clinton.

The Republican, for example, suggested the opponent to apologize for the fact that she has deleted 33 000 electronic messages from the personal server that she had to present upon the demand of the Congress. Trump decided that he can initiate the investigation of this story and also threatened Hillary to commit her to prison if he will be elected.

By the end of the debate the coefficient on Trump’s presidency went down (5.7 to 5.2 (19%), then to 5.0 (20%)) and today has reached the point of 4.5 (22%). On Clinton’s victory it is still possible to bet with the coefficient 1.25.

As SBC News informs, before the debate clients of Betfair closed the deals concerning the next President of the United States for a total amount of £5 million (more than $6.2 million). The size of the rate market on the USA election’s outcome has already reached the mark of £59 million (about $73.4 million).

It should be noted, that after the first debate that was hold on 26th of September, the coefficient on Clinton’s presidency has decreased from 1.67 (60%) to 1.45 (69%), and has grown on Trump’s triumph from 2.66 (38%) to 3.3 (30%).

The next debate of the candidates will become the last one. It will begin on 19th of October. The election of the President of the USA will take place on November 8, 2016.

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