The client of Betfair has used Cash Out in 4 minutes prior to failure and has won $270 thousand

The client of Betfair has won $270 thousand

A day after Christmas, known as Boxing Day, the lucky man did not wait for the outcome of the last event from the express and has won 223 thousand pounds though he could be left with nothing.

The official representative of Betfair Naomi Totten has reported that the client has demonstrated unbelievable intuition, and became the king of the Cash Out function which gives the chance to calculate the bet beforehand. He has built the express in 1 pound and has won 223 thousand pounds (more than 270 thousand dollars).

In the express built by using 21 events the client of Betfair had the no-win bet on victory of “Plymouth” in match with ” Wycombe Wanderers ” of the EFL League Two. At the score 3:2 in favor of hosts,” Wycombe Wanderers ” has managed to pull out the draw thanks to the goal at the 90th minute. As a result the express had to become no-win, despite 20 right choices, as SBC News reports.

However the happy owner of supernatural prize has used the Cash Out function in 4 minutes prior to final goal which could destroy the fairy tale in the nick of time. Thereby the client of Betfair has secured himself from inevitable loss and became the owner of a solid jackpot.

The Cash Out function gives the chance to the client of bookmaker to calculate express bet beforehand and to gain the guaranteed profit, without waiting for an outcome of the remained events. In this case the client loses part of the potential profit; however he also reduces the risk of a possible failure in matches which are still in progress.

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