The divine comedy of Conte

The divine comedy of Conte

In a remarkable manner that combination creates a furor and your team creates records on number of victories during the season. You become a hero. Roaring on a curb, embracing fans, you get on the front pages of newspapers and you lift a champion cup, and your fiery interviews appear on the Internet quicker, than video with the goals of your team.

new summer comes. For the whole season you were called “godfather”
of the team. Because you are Italian, of course, but now you hope
that, having become really the godfather – in your own right now –
you will be able to do what you wanted to do a year ago. To buy those
players whom you want to buy quickly and calmly.

It doesn’t work like this. You’ve mistaken the club, old cap.

Conte is now in a difficult situation and any outcome will turn out
to be explosive. This all resemble the debut movie of Quentin

won the Premier League with the scheme 3-4-3 and without any chances
for the rival, Conte has given to the club the list of transfer aims
and has dreamt, of course, that all will come true. But the coach in
Chelsea is not God-almighty of the level of Arsène Wenger in Arsenal
or José Mourinho in “MU”. And even not the level of
Juergen Klopp in Liverpool and the abilities of scousers are limited.
The coach in Chelsea is under God who is the only and crowned, and
also under the whole crowd of misters and ladies who are responsible
for transfers starting with Michael Emenalo and Marina Granovskaia.

words about Mourinho. He has provoked the last wave of messages on
Conte’s dissatisfaction, having taken away from him one of the main
transfer goals – Romelu Lukaku. All wrote that Chelsea was
interested in this Belgian for some months and even longer.

let’s start with the beginning! Firstly, Conte has quarreled with
his main forward Diego Costa. That wasn’t a surprise – the
Spaniard with his troublemaking character has decided to move quietly
to China and has said that he had a trauma in order not to play for
Chelsea and not to get the real trauma. Conte with all his temper has
told Diego that he can go whatever he wants. Costa has already packed
his suitcases but China has cancelled the transaction, having
motivated this step by the new strict limit that was introduced in
their championship. As a result, Costa and Conte wonderfully have
made friends again and all bad feelings of ill-wishers haven’t come
true: Chelsea has reached a champion’s title, despite this conflict.
Costa, however, after the conflict with Conte was playing much worse,
has scored fewer goals and in general in every possible way he
demonstrated that he was a creative person.

Conte has quarreled with his main forward Diego Costa

has appeared to be the bigger strategist than it was possible to
assume. In summer after the matches of the national teams, he has
told Diego that in new season no one will be glad to see him in team
and Costa has finally burned bridges, having told about these words
to journalists. It is obvious that after such radical step, actually
bringing the head forward on a transfer, Conte was thinking about new

the press and fans the choice was obvious – Romelu Lukaku. He has
played for Chelsea when he was young and was playing in Everton and
he constantly was telling that he loved the London club. Clubs were
negotiating. And were still negotiating. And still negotiating. And
when some days ago the news came that United had taken away from
Chelsea its main transfer goal Internet has blown up.

days have passed and Romelu has already written in twitter that he is
the player of United. Medical examination was done, bags of money
together with Wayne Rooney are sent to Liverpool. Conte is a mad as a
March hare. Now his team is left in fact with one Michy Batshuayi as
the forward, and it is ridiculous bearing in mind serious tasks in
Premier League and, by the way, the Champions League. Now Conte has
to play for a sucker and to make friends with Costa, or to find
quickly someone else.

peace with Costa is doubtful decision and it is doomed to fragility.
Two hot-tempered men in one team on leading roles have quarreled
already for two times and for sure will quarrel again. But there are
left only few center forwards whom Chelsea could buy. These are
Álvaro Morata and Andrea Belotti but the price tags can frighten off
even “MU”, and … all other teams.

Kane, Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappé are fantasy variants, no one
will sell anybody to Chelsea. And at the same time, any option which
will be at Conte’s disposal now is not that player whom he wanted at
the very beginning. A way to nurse him.


Lukaku as it became clear has eyes for United for a long time where
one of his best friends Paul Pogba is playing now. It turns out that
Conte who has given the order to people, responsible for freshers was
a loser. The situation with buying the forward to Chelsea a month
before the beginning of the season turns into the tragicomedy.

bosses have found one more way to nurse Conte. They are buying
Antonio Rüdiger for defense from Roma. But Rüdiger is not a plaster
for all sores as the matches of the national teams have shown and
defense is not the biggest problem in Chelsea.

more question: whether they will buy Conte somebody to a midfield.
Among candidates is the name of Tiemoué Bakayoko. Now all want to
take some talented players from Monaco. His arrival actually would
mean that it is necessary to say goodbye to Matić who is considered
by everyone (including Conte) to be a weak point in midfield.

Lukaku’s transfer to United has played its role even here. Mourinho
was ready to return Matić: he is looking for a holding midfielder.
Now, when “MU” has beaten Chelsea in the battle for the
forward, Londoners don’t want to sell Matić to United. This is a
point of honor. As for now Matić will be with Chelsea and there is
no need for Abramovich to buy new midfielder.

Conte is now in a difficult situation and any outcome will turn out to be explosive.

course, we don’t really know how Conte is reacting to unsuccessful
as for now transfer window of Chelsea. There is the time to choose
the players for the coach. And still it is better for champions to
recover quickly from that failure with Lukaku and to move further.

club that has become the champion always has some problems while
defending its title. Opponents are familiar with your tactics and all
of them can strengthen their teams. And Chelsea if it doesn’t choose
players for Conte, is risking to lose the title.

what is possible, the club can lose Conte: if not this summer, so the
next summer. Meanwhile the club doesn’t provide him with all those
players he needs. And what? Even the godfather can freak out.

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