The end of the qualification campaign

Russian FIFA World Cup

now, from October 5 till October 10, in two last rounds of a
qualification campaign the winners of eight other sextets and also
eight best vice-champions of the groups which will be defined. Then,
on the 9-14th
of November in additional play-off matches will be finally
determined four more participants of the Russian FIFA World Cup.

will remind that last summer, 24 national teams took part in a final
tournament of the EURO-2016 in France. At once let’s mark out those
participants of last continental championship which for two rounds
before ending of a current qualification campaign have already lost
even theoretical chances to be qualified on the forthcoming global
forum. These are the national teams of Albania, Hungary, Romania and
the Czech Republic.

now let’s remember the main favorites of qualifiers. Germany, Serbia,
Poland, England and Spain have to arrange officially the direct
berths during nearest round. France, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal,
Croatia and Iceland will continue their fight for berths. And, of
course, the match of Portugal and Switzerland in Lisbon will become
the main fight of the last 10th
round. In this duel the final winner of group B will be determined.

for today Portugal, Italy and Northern Ireland became the
vice-champions of their groups. But if Cristiano Ronaldo, André
Silva, Ricardo Quaresma and their partners still can fight for a
champion title, then Squadra Azzurra and the hosts of well-known ” Windsor
Park ” have not right to rest on the vice-champion laurels as
according to the results of qualifiers one of the vice-champions will
be the ninth unwanted.

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