The football player Joey Barton has asked to prolong the term of his response to accusation in football betting

Joey Barton

The football player has asked Scottish Football Association (SFA) to prolong the term in which the football player has to response to accusation.

The 34-years-old football player who made 44 bets on football matches during the period from July 1 to September 15, 2016 had to response to accusations till October, 12. However, Barton has asked SFA to give him some time for learning all the documents, concerning his case as BBC reports.

As it is expected, his request will be considered by judicial board of Scottish Football Association on Thursday October, 13. The trial date in SFA is set on October 27.

Joey Barton had to return to trainings with the team of “Rangers” on Monday, October 10 after being suspended for three weeks because of the conflict with the club partner Andy Hallidey. However, due to the decision of the club directors, the player will not train with the team for seven more days.

According to the rules of SFA, the player, the coach or other official representative of the club has no right to bet on any football match in the world.

Earlier it became known that the ex-forwarder of “CSKA” Moscow, the Croatian football player Ivica Oliç who is playing for club of the second German Bundesliga “Munich 1860” has been disqualified for two matches and is fined with €20 000 ($22 000) for making bets on football matches.

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