The goalkeeper – film director, the coach-dentist. 10 facts about the national team of Island


Heimir Hallgrimsson

Each team starts with the coach and that is why we will begin our story about him. The chief coach of the national team of Island is Lars Lagerback known by his work with the national team of Sweden. But more attractive and amazing is the figure of Lagerback assistant – Heimir Hallgrimsson. In his childhood he has survived the volcanic explosure, by a mirical he survived and had moved to England where he got the dentist speciality. He didn’t hurry to return to native Island but after the short-term visit to Island during which he had cured the teeth of almost half of the friends he understood that they need him here. In Britain Hallgrimsson got interested in football and after he returned home he started to work for local club “Vestmannaeyjar”. In the morning he worked as a dentist and in the evening he rushed to trainings. After his career of a football player ended he headed the women team of the club where he was found out by Lars Lagerback who needed harysmatic man who is capable to speak with the team. In order to get the licence Pro Hallgrimsson had to give up the dentist career and that is why he is working only for half-time salary.

Hannes Halldorsson

The goalkeepers are in fact rather strange people but the goalkeeper of Island national team Hannes Halldorsson is even stranger than they. In his childhood during the snowboarding with his father he had fallen badly and had injured his shoulder. It was constantly chucking out of the joint and that is why for 5 years the boy had to cease with football. In 21 he was 105 kg but his wish to play football was so huge that is why Hannes did all he could and returned into the good physical condition. Good show rings in the country had appeared only 10 years ago and football is played here only 4 months in a year and that is why Halldorsson for keeping fit had to train at hippodrome. The years of trainings and being 27 years old the goalkeeper has signed his first professional contract. In March 2012 Hannes was taken by Norwegian club”Brann” for a short time to replace the injured main goalkeeper. Very soon Halldorsson has occupied the place in the gates of the club and national team. Before this happened he was earning for his living only by the work as a film director. It was current goalkeeper of the national team who has directed the video on the song “Never Forget” Greta Salomi and Jonsi that was representing Island in 2012 at Eurovision. They say that even now after the matches Hannes is rushing to his hotel apartment and starts to work with videoclips.

Aron Gunnarsson

As it is known in Island for almost 8 months the snow is covering the land and that is why to make sport for citizens is only possible in buildings under the roof. Not everyone can visit football fields and that is why a lot of people love handball. As an example the representative of the volcanic country is now heading the national team of Germany being the current World Champion in handball. The football player of the national team with the biggest beard Aron Gunnarsson was considered to be the rising star of handball in his youth years but over the years he changed the position of the ball – to legs from hands. He has explained this fact as the handball is too simple and boring. It is quite understandable that the great number of outs is kicked by him.

Ogmundur Kristinsson

Kristinsson is keeping the goalkeeper’s tradition in the national team of Island. In big football he debuted being 16 years old but he didn’t manage to become the main goakeeper in any club. That is why Ogmundur was simultaneously learning to become the lawyer and even had practice at one firm. What is most remarkable the main part of the his career, Kristinsson was sitting behind the shoulders of Hannes Halldorsson. In summer 2015 the goalkeeper has signed the contract with the Sweden “Hammarby” so he had to stop with the career of the lawyer as for now.

Birkir Mar Savarsson

Birkir Mar Savarsson had the opportunity to leave football at the age of 17. He didn’t manage to get into the main team of non professional club “Valur”. Birkir had two passions in his life-football and sky and that is why having not achieved success in football he began to conquer the sky. He has entered the flight school but they have closed the gates to his dream having told that he is not disciplined and reliable to become the pilot. Then Birkir again had turned to the football stadium and by the second attempt he has entered the professional football. To tell the truth he didn’t drop his dream to become the pilot . After ending his sport career he is planning to return to pilot career.

Kari Arnason

Now the defence of Island national team can’t be imagined without this hard-working guy. But He had chances not to become the football player having worked as clerk abroad. Just having started his sport career in “Vikingur” Aron who has finished school with honors had received the educational grant at the University Adelphi in USA. He has quit with football and went to America. But after two years he has agreed to meet the proposal of his former coach who was working with him in “Vikingur” and had signed the contract with Sweden “Djurgarden”. He didn’t drop his education at the University and has finished the University by the correspondence form of studying having defended the diploma concerning the corruption in football in England.

Jon Dadi Bjodvarsson

Bjodvarson is the favourite player of Lars Lagerback and all fans of Island national team. Young, technical, initiative forwarder has been noticed at this tournament having scored the gates of Austria. He had also brought a lot of benefit to his team due to his strength and constant pressure of the rival’s defence. The character of Jon was built in seaport of a small town Selfoss where he was working at working days. Despite the status of one of the most talanted players of the country he didn’t have the constant income at the beginning of his career and that is why he had to earn his living by hard work. Having become famous Jon Dadi has established in Selfoss the fond supporting the children whose parents are not able to buy them football uniform.

Sverrir Ingo Ingason

The current partner of Bjodvarsson in “Viking” Sverrir Ingo Ingason also considered to be one of the most perspective defenders of the country that didn’t let him quit the job of a cleaner. Despite the fact that in the morning Sverrir in green uniform was gathering the trash from the streets of his native Koupovagur and in the evening he was wearing his football uniform he nevertheless considered to be a professional. Yes such histories are quite typical for Island.

Gilfi Tor Sigurdsson

The main star of current national team and maybe the most talanted island football player after Gudjonsen. In his career list there are matches for “Tottenham” and “Swansea” where he was marked by scored goals and that is why “ten” on his back is quite understandable. Since his childhood he considered to be supertalanted football player according to the opinion of the country and in young ages he has gone abroad and kept strong ties with his native country. Gilfi is the director of huge trade company that deals with fish industry in Island. His father is working there too.

Gudmundur Benediktsson

One of the most popular persons who is connected with the national team of Island is the commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson. After the goal during the last seconds at gates of the national team of Astria he was crying so loud that has lost the voice. That videoclip has gathered hundred of thousands of views in YouTube. Having cured his voice by the match of 1/8, Gudmundur has again demonstrated his emotionality having shouted over the whole stadium after the goal of Sigtorsson to the gates of Hart. By the way during the Euro Benediktsson was dismissed from his main job. In his native country he was the assistant of the main coach of the club “Reykjavik”. While he was commenting the fantastic game of his national team the main employer had lost 5 matches in National Championship. Yes, now in Island are played matches of the Country Championship as it is not possible to play them in different season due to the reasons of bad weather conditions.

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