The holder of £1million prize from bookmaker BetVictor is found

The winner of the promotion Million Pound Goal is found

As BetVictor informs in its Twitter official account, the winner has become 32 years old man from Birmingham – city in Britain. This man is the fan of the football club “Aston Villa”. The bettor has guessed that Eder will score the first goal in the final match. Thus, the man was close to guess the accurate time of the score goal: he thought that Eder will score in 84th minute, but the goal was scored in 109th minute.

It should be mentioned that not only he has chosen Eder as the author of the first goal, but only he has managed to guess the closest minute of this goal.

However, the bookmaker was not able to contact with the lucky holder of the prize and had asked its readers in Twitter to find him. As it turned out, he was on a holiday with his family and did not know that he is a winner of £1million (about $ 1.3 million).

It is necessary to call to the mind that bookmaker BetVictor in frames of Euro-2016 was holding the promotion Million Pound Goal. According to the terms of this promotion, the clients of the company were to guess the author of the first goal and the minute of the scored goal in the final match of Euro-2016 (if the minute is not guessed the prize goes to the person who guessed the closest minute). The prize is £1million (about $ 1.3 million). If the winner was more than one, the prize would be divided among all winners.

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