The Italian attorney: the problem of fixed matches is not yet eliminated

the problem of fixed matches is not yet eliminated

Law enforcement body is determining the facts that indicate the fixed matches and there are more such matches that someone can imagine.

“We were not ready to find such facts. We have found the remainder of sedative drug in the urine of football players of ” Cremonese” and aso very suspicious phone records”,- Calcio News 24 is quoting Roberto Di Martino. According to his words, fixed matches compose the entire industry where very influential people with huge resources work and they are manipulating the football matches.

The attorney thinks, that it is possible to decrease the number of fixed matches only for a time but the number of them is going to grow. “We didn’t eliminate the cancer tumour. The number of matches with suspicious activity in bookmakers convinces me that there are more fixed matches than we think”, – he claims.

Roberto Di Martino fears are supported by the arguments of the executive secretary of the organization Federbet Francesco Baranca who has named 3 suspicious matches as ESPN writes. These matches were played in Malta, Portugal and Rumania but Di Martino fears that the matches of minor division of Italy also can become the target for manipulators of match results.

We should remember that in Italian city Cremona the hearing of the case in accusation of the chief coach of the national team of Italy Antonio Conte is held. Antonio Conte (after Euro-2016 he will head “Chelsea”) is accused in organization of mixed matches. Roberto Di Martino insists that the coach should complete the sentence by the way of suspended prison sentence (6 months). Conte can be charged to pay the fee in amount of $9,100. It is supposed that the court will make the decision by the middle of May 2016.

According to investigation Conte has concealed the info about the fixed nature of the matches with “Siena” that he has trained in the season 2010/2011. This refers to the match “AlbinoLeffe”-“Siena”.

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