The nurse has remembered about the bet in 50 000 pounds only after “Leicester” gained the title


Mandy Clark – the name of this lucky woman – still can’t come to life after the Champonship of “Leicester” and the solid sum of money as Leicester Mercury informs.

Clark has been supporting her favourite club more than 25 years. During the periods of falls and rises of the team (and also during the existence for several past years in the skin of unnoticable average performer with the problems of outsider team) the nurse didn’t change her preferences and was the great fan of “Leicester”. As usual there was mockery at the job where Clark was working – especially during the weak years of “Leicester”.

After the terrible last season in EPL when the team only by a miracle didn’t leave the Championship colleague of Mandy, the cosmetic surgeon Matt Smith decided to play a joke over the loyal fan of the outsider team and had presented her the cheque of made bet on the final winning of “Leicester” in the season 2015/2016.

Mandy didn’t throw away a paper. But she has forgotten about it and has remembered only after the reminder of the colleague after the victory of Ranieri team. It is remarkable that all season the cheque was stored at home behind the poster “Believe. All is possible.”

“I don’t even think on what I will spend the money. But what “Leicester” did is much more valuable than any winnings”, – lucky fan of the fresh Champion has added.

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