The player has made a bet on three winnings with the score 7:0 and had won £60 000

The player has made a bet on three winnings with the score 7:0 and had won £60 000

54 years old Steve Sales has been living for two years already only on welfare after he had got the wound of the shoulder, as Daily Mail writes. The man is visiting from time to time the bookmaker Betfred in Sutton (the South London) where he was making some insignificant bets on these or those matches only for his own delectation.

In the morning on 30th of July he has made a multi bet of Betfred Cup having suggested that “Dundee” will won with “Forfar” with the score 7:0, “Inverness” will do the same with the football club “Arbroath”, and “Ross County” will destroy “Cove Rangers” with the same score.

The man was sitting calmly at home in front of the TV set and was observing that “Ross County” has scored only one goal in first half but just in ten minutes until the end of every match he began to worry because in each game there was already a score 6:0.

“There was the score 6:0 and the 7 goals have happened in 87th, 88th and 89th minutes. These three minutes have changed all my life. This is amazing – to win such a great amount of money from such a little sum. And that is just a hobby”, – the lucky player has shared his emotions with the edition.

But he didn’t know how much did he win. When he came to the bookmaker he has found out that his winning is £ 57.900 ($76.500).

The player has made a bet on three winnings with the score 7:0 and had won £60 000

Mr. Sales thinks that that was absolutely crazy bet. More than that the man who is the fan of “Crystal Palace” doesn’t know anything about the Scottish football except the fact that there are “Celtic” and “Rangers”.

“What concerns the number 7, I have made once a bet that “Barcelona” will win 7:0 but it has won with the score 7:1, so the number 7 wasn’t lucky for me till now”, – as he admits.

The money that he has won he is planning to spend on his family. Particularly, he wants to make a present to his mother – round trip on ferryboat in Mediterranean or Caribbean Sea.

He has already celebrated his success with his friends having drunk some bottles of wine. Now 54 years old man hopes that he will manage to heal his shoulder and find the job.

“I am already 50 years in this game and had never seen such an incredible bet before”, – the head of Betfred Fred Doun has declared.

The owner of Betfred has told that he is absolutely happy for Steve Sales. “He is probably the only man in the world who has predicted three winnings with the score 7:0 in one day” – he told.

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