The player of “Leicester” Schlupp: I became stronger after the unsuccessful meeting in “Manchester United”

Schlupp: I became stronger after the unsuccessful meeting...

“For me the review in “Manchester United” was a great opportunity. After it I became stronger and returned here. I have met several times with Alex Ferguson who was very kind with me. He told me:” You are here because you are great player, just enjoy the process and we will see what will happen next”.

I do not think that I was able to reject the “MU” proposal. I didn’t make use of the possibility but I have become better as a player. “Leicester” always was my club and I am very grateful for this.

To win at “Old Trafford” and have returned home with the victory it is the dream. We have to fight in every match and of course we will try to win this one too. I was talking with my friends and have realized that only one victory is missing to make my dream true. We have come here to win and we have all chances”,- Sky Sports is quoting Schlupp.
23rd Jeff Schlupp is the pupil of the academy “Leicester City”. The football player was admitted to his first team in 2010. This British Championship season he has scored 21 matches and 1 goal.

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