​The president of FIFA is suspected in granting the loan to Football Association of Slovenia spent on purchasing the bookmaker company

​The president of FIFA is suspected in granting the loan to Football Association

He is suspected that while being the UEFA General Secretary he has approved the loan given to Football Association of Slovenia. This loan was spent on purchasing the part of the shares of the bookmaker company Športna loterija.

According to the Norwegian edition Josimar, UEFA at the beginning of 2015 granted the loan (€4 m, about $4.5 m) to Football Association of Slovenia (NZS). €3.6 m (more than $4 m) were spent on purchasing the shares of the bookmaker company Športna loterija that has a monopoly on sport betting.

At the same time this purchase contradicts to the article 25 of the UEFA Ethics Committee according to which officials of the football organizations are forbidden to have connections with bookmaker business and also it is forbidden to carry out any corresponding business deals.

According to Josimar, this loan wasn’t approved by the UEFA Financial Committee that is the mandatory condition for funding. In this case the decision was made by the President Michel Platini, General Secretary Gianni Infantino, Vice-President Marios Lefkaritis, Financial Director Josef Koller and the Deputy General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis.

It is indicative that at that time the Football Association of Slovenia was headed by the President of UEFA Aleksander Ceferin.

According to Josef Koller, UEFA is constantly granting the funds to national federations. In order to get the approval it is necessary to undergo the corresponding procedure. It is noted, that all granted funds should be spent only on strategic programs which aim is the development of football.

In 2015 Slovenian mass media had informed that NZS had purchased 3086 shares of the bookmaker company Športna loterija (17, 3% of the total amount). Later this deal was confirmed by both sides. The Ski Association of Slovenia, the local Olympic Committee and the Slovenian Post each have 20% of shares of Športna loterija.

Infantino has already commented on this situation. The President of UEFA in the interview to France Press has declared that he doesn’t have any illegal profit and he doesn’t deceive anybody and also he doesn’t want his organization being involved in deceit.

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