The Prime Minister: our national team doesn’t choose football players by the skin colour


Benzema was under the pressure of the racists part of Europe.

“France doesn’t choose the football players to its national team by their skin colour our origin. Benzema statements are not true.

Now we have excellent team, good football players, coach who is capable of making the decision.

Each has to be proud of its origin but players were not chosen by this criterion, Desham is clear of suspicion. He was a great player and became a great coach and he must decide who will be included into the team. In 1998 the national team was accused in something like this so everything is ok”,-As is quoting Valls.

In 1998 France has won the home World Championship. Earlier the former player of the national team of France has noted that Desham has very French name and that is why he didn’t invite him to the team. At the same time french politician and deputy of National Assembly of France Marion Le Pen has declared that if Benzema is unhappy in France he is free to go and play in Algeria.

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