The results of the fourth round of the Champions League

The results of the fourth round of the Champions League

the same time, Manchester United, Liverpool, Roma, Barcelona and
Beşiktaş have considerably strengthened their tournament positions.
And now the question of getting into 1/8 finals is only a matter of
time. So, for example, for official qualification Manchester United,
Barcelona and Beşiktaş need one point and Roma needs two. But, now
you can be sure that according to the results of the next fifth round
(on the 21-22nd
of November) the teams of Jose Mourinho, Ernesto Valverde, Eusébio
Di Francesco and Şenol Güneş will join the company of current
winners of a group stage.

now it is necessary to tell about those initial favorites that
strongly disappointed their fans. These are, first of all, the third
prize-winners of Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga, respectively,
Atlético Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. As a rule, there is a thin
line between love and hate in such situations. And, despite the fact
that Atlético still have theoretical chances of the second final
place the management of the vice-champion of Europe-2014 and 2016 is
looking for a substitute to a yesterday’s idol Diego Simeone.

intriguing situation is observed now in the sixth group. Now Shakhtar
Donetsk takes the second position with nine points and the leader of
this champion race of the Italian Series A Napoli has only three.
However , Maurizio Sarri’s team still has very good chances for
leaving the group. For this purpose the team has at the beginning to
won at home over its main rival with the score 1:0 (on the 21st
of November) and then to earn three points during the guest match
with the champion of Holland (on the 6th
of December). At the same time, Shakhtar Donetsk has to lose during
the latest round to Manchester City in Kharkiv.

this situation Napoli and Shakhtar will have 9 points each and by the
results of meetings the second final place will be taken by Maurizio
Sarri’s team.

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