The scientists have predicted the loss of the national team of Spain in the final Euro-2016


Austrian mathematics in their calculations have used odds of 19 bookmakers, on which they imposed a statistical model. In the end, it was timed more 100 thousand possible results of UEFA Euro 2016 and revealed the favorites of the tournament. According to statistics, the best chance of victory in the tournament have France (21.5%) and Germany (20.1%), informs the ScienceDaily.

It is noteworthy that the mathematics of Innsbruck have suggested that the French and Germans will meet in the semifinals. The winner of this pair in the final, will be stronger than the Spaniards. The likelihood of a repetition of the finals of the European Championship 2008 year Spain-Germany is estimated at 5.4%. The chances of the Germans to take revenge for the loss of eight-year limitation period is equal to 55.8%. With a probability of 5.7% mathematics predict final Spain-France. The victory of the hosts of the tournament is estimated at 56.3%.

Spain’s chances of defending the European title are equal to 13.7%. The top five favorites of the tournament also include according to scientists England (9.2%) and Belgium (7.7%) previously statmodel of scientists from the University of Innsbruck has demonstrated high reliability in predicting the outcome of the previous two Championships as well as the World Championship in Brazil.

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