The victory of Wales at Euro-2016 will cost the Welsh bookmaker £1 million

Welsh football players

Gareth Frank Bale and the company unexpectedly for all have come through to the semifinal Euro-2016, having won Belgians (by the way, one of the favourites of the tournament, the team of famous names), and they are obviously not going to stop. These guys are violently supported by all Wales headed by the most known local group Manic Street Preachers that has dedicated to football players the song “Stronger Together (C’mon Wales)” — the song with which it is just impossible to loose. And even local bookmakers want this happen, despite possible huge losses.

The Welsh bookmaker Corbett Sports can face payments in the amount of £1 million on bets made for the victory of Wales at Euro-2016 with coefficient 101,0 if Welshmen win, as News North Wales writes. The company has fixed squall of bets on the champion’s title of Wales at Euro-2016 in May after “Leicester” has sensationally won the championship of England though the coefficient on triumph of this team before start of the season 2015/2016 was equal to 5001,0.

Really, sensations attract, and fantastic plots give hope that in football and life there is a possibility for amazing things. Why not Wales to become the champion of Europe if “Leicester” defeated such grandees as “MU” and “Manchester City”? The Welshmen who have run with money to bookmakers were thinking in the same manner. They wanted to support the trust to the native national team by betting.

And, as it has appeared, they have all reasons to do so. On July 6 the national team of Wales will play with Portuguese, and Gareth Bale and his partners have very good chances to enter the final and to fight for a cup of the champion of Europe.
“As the Welsh bookmaker company, we are absolutely torn in two: we desperately want that Wales continues the magnificent adventure, but we will face huge payments in the amount of more than 1 million pounds if guys in red will win Euro-2016” — the managing director of Corbett Sports Michael Corbett has commented this situation.
He has added that as it was thought in the company, for this year one “Leicester” is more than enough, but here the Welsh football players have interfered with the fight for the European cup. “A victory of Wales — it will be fine for our hearts, but awful for our PPS!” — he has declared.
We will remind, that the victory of Wales at Euro-2016 can bring to the client of Ladbrokes from London nearly $7 thousand winning of the unique multibet, in which he has put entering of “Leicester” the four of the strongest teams of EPL according to the results of a season, and also triumph of Welshmen in the European championship. When the bettor has collected this double, in October, 2015, the coefficient on each of the specified outcomes was equal to 50,0.
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