They are 18 years old already!

10 football players who are not 20 years old

We have put their names into the top-list of the youngest tournament players in France.

Having studied the application forms of the participants of the Championship of Europe we have found out 20 players who are not 20 years old yet. All of them are surely talanted and some of them are are well known. The top list of the youngest football players of Euro-2016 doesn’t have russians: the only candidate for this top list is the midfielder of CSKA Aleksandr Golovin who is 30 years old.

10. Kingsley Coman (13.06.1996)
The top 10 is opened by the forwarder of the host’s of the tournament. He will be 20 in few days but he is already the owner of the Champion title of France, Italy and Germany. Kingsley has started his career in “PSG” then he had moved to “Juventus” and before the season 2015/16 the Turin club has given him to “Bavaria”. This season of Bundesliga Coman has scored 4 goals and made 6 goal passes in 23 matches and in Champion League – 2 goals and 6 goal passes in 8 matches. He is remembered due to his goal during the play-off of Champion League to the gates of “Juventus”. In the national team of France The forwarder has debuted in November 2015 and has played 5 times already at the field in its colours. His first goal-to the gates of the national team of Russia during the friendly match at the “Stad de France”.

9. Nico Elvedi (30.06.1996), Switzerland
In the application form made by Switzerland there are 3 young players. Last summer talanted defender Elvedi had moved from native “Zurich” to “Borussia” and has played so well in Bundesliga that he was invited to the national team. In “Borussia” Elvedi has used the chances to stay at main team list and had played 21 matches in the Championship of Germany. In May 2016 Vladimir Petkovich has allowed Nivo to play with the national team in the friendly match with Belgium. The coach has included him into the application form as he knows that Elvedi is a reliable player.

8. Denis Zaharia (20.11.1996) Switzerland
The midfielder of “Young Boys” had played for the first time for national team at the same match in May with Belgium with Elvedi. The strong player attracted Petkovich by his performance in the matches of the Championship of Switzerland. Denis has played 27 matches during the Championship of Switzerland has scored 1 goal and has given one goal pass. It is understandable that The fact that such young players have been included into the application form of Euro -2016 is just a present especially for Zaharia but Petkovich by doing so shows that he is thinking about the future. The coach wants that his players get used to the atmosphere in the national team and during the huge international tournaments.

7. Aleksandr Zinchenko (15.12.1996) Ukraine
This list is presented by the representative of Russian UFA Premier-League. The midfielder of “Ufa” Zinchenko was by the last moment included to the national team of Ukraine and has won the right to go to Euro-2016. Talanted playmaker has become the most resultative player of the team in the system “goal-pass” having scored 2 goals and having given 4 goal passes. By the way, Zinchenko has striked the gates of favourites (“Zenit” and “Rostov”). He has played with the national team in October 2015-as a change player in the match with Spain during the Championship of Europe. Just to be sure that no one will take him. His first goal for the team of Ukraine has taken place during the match with Romanians.

6. Bartosz Kapustka (23.12.1996) Poland
Winger of polish “Cracovia” has played 28 minutes during the test matches of Euro-2016 playing with Gibraltar. During that meeting Kapustka has scored his first goal for national team and a week later- has added one more goal during the friendly match with Island. In his club Kapustka is noticeable for 2 seasons already. For “Cracovia” Bartosz had played last season 33 matches and has scored 4 goals and had given 9 goal passes. With such tremendous statistics he will not stay in his native club for too long. There will be for sure a long line of potential purchasers.

5. Breel Embolo (14.02.1997) Switzerland
One more talant from Switzerland is the forwarder Breel Embolo. It had turned out that Petkovich has taken into the national team as a perspective field players of all three lines. Embolo is not a fresh player in the national team as Zaharia and Elvedi. Breel has played for it 10 matches already since 2015 in qualification matchs to Euro-2016
[12:45:53] Alex iGaming Affiliation: Breel has played for it 10 matches already since 2015 and in qualification match of Euro-2016 has striked the gates of the national team of San-Marino, besides has given the goal passes in the matches with Lithuania and Slovenia. Physically strong and with sufficient technique the forwarder has tried a lot during this season in “Bazel”. He has scored 10 goals and 7 goal passes in 27 matches of the Championship of Switzerland and 2 goals and 2 goal passes during the European League. Embolo is of course in the center of transfer market.

4. Ante Coric (14.04.1997) Croatia
The chief coach of the national team of Croatia Ante Cacic is very often critized due to his addiction to the players from “Dinamo”. One of the representative of this club in Euro-2016 is Ante Coric – the attacking midfielder. But he is for sure very talanted football player who is capable of taking controversial decisions at the field. He has gone through all the teams of Croatia and the academy of “Salzburg” and is attractive for selectioners of all top-clubs of Europe. During the last championship of the country he has scored 4 goals and 5 goal passes in 28 matches plus one time he has assisted in 7 matches of Champion League.

3. Emre Mor Turkey (24.07.1997)
No one thinks in Turkey that the coach of the national team Fatih Terim will include into the application form to the Euro-2016 young forwarder from “Norshellann” Mor. Not tall (168 cm) Moe attracted the attention of the coach by his speed and technique. It is interesting to know that Mor not only was playing in Denmark but he was born in the family of emigrants there. More than that he has played in different teams of different age ranges. And he has debuted in May in the team of Turkey. During the last championship of Denmark he has played 13 matches, has scored 2 goals and 2 goal passes. New season he will begin in Dortmund “Borussia” with which he has signed the contract for 5 years.

2. Renato Sanches, Portuguese (18.08.1997)
Central midfielder of the “Benfica” is considered to be one of the greatest discovery of the season of the European football. Sanches was playing so great for “eagles” in different tournaments that in May “Bavaria” had bought him for €35 million and in specific terms the sum of transfer can rise up to €80 million. Sanches now is very useful as while playing in defense and in attack he is strong and is a leader. In the national team of the country he has debuted in March 2016. During the last championship of Portuguese Sanches has played 24 matches, has scored 2 goals and 1 goal pass and in the Champions League he has played for “Benfica” 6 matches.

1. Marcus Rashford, England (31.10.1997)
The forwarder of “Manchester United ” has flown to the England football season in February 2016. He started to score goal after goal. By the end of the season he has scored 5 goals and 2 goal passes in 11 matches of Premiere League and has added 2 goals in 3 matches in Europe League. In May he has debuted in the national team of England by attacking the gates of the team from Australia. And Roy Hodgson has included him into the national team for Euro-2016 and it is probable that he will play against the national team from Russia. Rashford is the youngest football player in the Euro-2016. He is twice as younger than the oldest player of the tournament 40 years old Given Gabor Kiraly. It is interesting to learn that he had debuted in the national team of Ireland when Rashford was not even born!

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