Thunderclouds over Real Madrid

Thunderclouds over Real Madrid

as it appeared now, it was only the beginning of the problems which
fell upon Zinedine Zidane’s head and upon present image of the
defending champion of Europe and Spain.

modern hockey the team that has too many players on ice is punished
by a two-minute penalty.

here what sanction will be to the football team for similar
violation? As in football, unlike hockey, all substitutes are carried
out only on permission of the main referee. The photo that was made
during the match of Real Madrid – Betis, we can see eleven field
players from Galacticos at the same time.

special commission appointed by the management of football federation
for investigation of this incident will define now the role of the
referees and during of the match during which the royal club was
playing in majority. What sanctions can be applied to the most
honored club of Spain, considering quite aggressive character of the
current boss of La Liga Javier Tebas?

“Marca” informs, Real is threatened by a large fine. But,
as it is well known, it is impossible to frighten the famous boss of
Real Madrid Don Florentino Pérez with financial sanctions. But if
the team will be punished with penal points (10, 20 and more) it can
transform the team of Zinedine Zidane team which takes now the ninth
place into the middle team and even into the underdog of the current

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