Top calendar of the 2nd half of July

International Champions Cup

Only one week are left before the end of the FIFA World Cup Russia. During this time thanks to television and the Internet football fans around the world will become the witnesses of decisive fights of the playoffs 1/8, 1/4, semifinals and, of course, the final match which will take place on the third Sunday of July (the 15th of July) at Luzhniki.

Of course, the modern World Cup is the main tournament not only of the calendar year but also of the last 4 years. And what will happen next? The quintet of top European leagues will join the game within August.

But, already on the 21st of July, Saturday that is, exactly in five days after the end of the World Cup, two exhibition matches will be in epicenter of general attention:

02:00. Chicago. Manchester City (2.00) – Borussia Dortmund (3.70) (GMT+1)
14:30. Klagenfurt . Bayern Munich (2.50) – PSG (2.70) (GMT+1)

And further, friendly matches, to be exact, exhibition matches with participation of top European clubs will be held almost every day:

Sunday, July, 22
21:00. Charlotte. Liverpool (2.30) – Borussia Dortmund (2.90) (GMT+1)
Thursday, July, 26
00:00. Philadelphia. Juventus (3.20) – Bayern Munich (2.10) (GMT+1)
01:00. East Rutherford. Manchester City (2.25) – Liverpool (2.85) (GMT+1)
03:00. San Diego. Roma (3.35) – Tottenham (2.15) (GMT+1)
02:00. Los Angeles. Milan (4.50) – Manchester United (1.85) (GMT+1)
12:30. Singapore. Atlético Madrid (2.25) – Arsenal London (3.25) (GMT+1)
Sunday, July 29
22:30. Ann Arbor. Manchester United (2.70) – Liverpool (2.45) (GMT+1)
12:00. Miami. Bayern (2.65) – Manchester City (2.45) (GMT+1)
06:00. Pasadena. Barcelona (1.65) – Tottenham (4.65) (GMT+1)
Wednesday, August 1
01:00. Miami. Manchester United (3.60) – Real Madrid (1.91) (GMT+1)

So, 35 exhibition matches of top European clubs will be spent in July and August. We will provide you with detailed information when these events approach.

And, of course, the new calendar schedule of top European leagues is of particular interest for football fans. Here there is too much information, therefore we will name only the most considerable and interesting matches.

August 11-13
Arsenal London (3.75) – Manchester City (1.95)
Manchester United (1.40) – Leicester (8.50)
Liverpool (1.30) – West Ham United (10.00)
Newcastle United (4.35) – Tottenham (1.83)

In a few days the calendar schedule of the new season of the Spanish La Liga will be published where Real, Barcelona, Atletico and other top clubs are still in epicenter of general attention.

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