Troubles behind the lines: five center backs for Real

Troubles behind the lines: five center backs for Real


course, when in winter the grandee needs the player it by all means
will pay attention to football players from the national championship
and in this regard, the candidate of the full back from Getafe occurs
at once. The team from the suburb of Madrid this season can be proud
of reliable defense and its stronghold is Juan Cala who was once
loaned from Anzhi but because of family problems he hasn’t managed
to play for Dagestanis. He is the pupil of Andalusian football and
after his transfer to a camp of the Blues he has seriously improved
his skills and for three years steadily keeps high level. This season
he is nearly the best full back of the clubs from the second
division. The 28 years old Spaniard is in the prime of life and is
ready to try the club which is more ambitious than Getafe. Juan won’t
need a lot of time for adaptation, he even shouldn’t move and having
got such a chance he will be glad to any role in Real. The only
disadvantage of this candidate is the lack of any Euro cup experience
but for the sake of justice it is worth noticing that Vallejo doesn’t
have it either.

Juan Cala


has disgracefully finished its performances in the Europa League,
having lost to Macedonian Vardar. Meanwhile, the squad of the Turkish
club has a football player with solid Euro cup experience. Martin
Škrtel is
years old, he isn’t as fast as he was earlier but his dedication, his
ability to fight and a fine head-work still are the amazing qualities
of this football player. Besides, all full backs in the squad of Real
are extremely dangerous in rivals’ penalty area and Skrtel has
somehow scored even 7 goals during this season. It seemed that the
best football player of Liverpool 2011/12 has gone to finish quietly
his game on the coast of Bosporus but the Slovak with pleasure will
respond to the offer if he will be asked. It isn’t necessary to pay
for Skrtel much, and, most likely, Fenerbahçe will agree to give it
as loaner for 6 months. We doubt that Real will hardly demand
something bigger from the skilled football player. To tell the truth
the champion of Spain didn’t manage to replace Pepe and the
invitation of the full back who is very similar to him will become a
quite good solution in this situation.

Martin Škrtel


former player of Partizan has managed to play in Italy, to become the
champion of England while playing for Manchester City and to stay in
Schalke and he is only 24 years old. And he is young for the stopper.
Once the Serbian was nearly the most promising player of the world
and attracted attention of grandees including Real. And now he isn’t
any more that golden boy of the Yugoslavian football but still we
can’t doubt his qualification. By his characteristics he is similar
to Varane and in some extent he is even better than the talented but
not too disciplined and susceptible to injuries Frenchman. The
transfer to big club can help Matija
to achieve the level which was predicted to him at the beginning of
his career and Los
will receive young but already very skilled football player. In
summer Inter, Roma and Zenit negotiated on the subject of loan but
the team hadn’t accepted any offers. It will be much more difficult
to refuse to Real and the probability of the transfer is very high.

German Pezzella


Argentina full back from Betis is playing for Fiorentina as a loaner
and he is doing so well that the team will surely pay 10 million for
signing the contract in summer. But there can be a situation when
Fiorentina will pay the required sum in winter and he will be at once
sold to Real. This tall and strong full back is perfectly familiar
with the realities of the Spanish football and having learnt tactical
knowledge, he has considerably gained experience. German was called
to the national team and debuted against Russia in Luzhniki. In
Fiorentina, as well as a year ago in Betis, he was playing
practically without substitutions and easily coped with the heaviest
schedule of Madrilenians. The only problem is that Pezzella has got
used to act at the scheme with three central backs and has no
experience of a game in Euro cups but he has proved that he is able
to adapt in the shortest possible time to new conditions and his
technical equipment and accurate first pass correspond to the level
of the player from the great club.

Shkodran Mustafi


is looking for the rather inexpensive full back whereas it will be
necessary to pay very solid sum money for Shkodran but this option
seems to be attractive because Mustafi isn’t included into the bid of
Arsenal for the Europa League and can theoretically help Real to stop
Neymar and the company. The world champion has an experience of
playing in Spain for Valencia and this means that no problems would
arise. The German has made some mistakes, of course, and they have
waited from him more in London but besides Škriniar
for whom not less than one hundred millions will be asked, there is
no full back stronger than him who could be included into the
Champions League. Arsenal has ruined Shkodran’s transfer to Inter in
summer, having requested €35 million and having refused to loan him
to nerazzurri and if Real wants to take him it will pay a lot of
money. At the same time, Mustafi is the real fighting unit and can
help team not only in this season but also in future. He will become
the real challenger to Nacho and Varane but not just to substitute
them in case of need.

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