TV presenter had worn 6 ties during one broadcast in order to annoy the bookmaker

Laurie Oakes played a joke

He has done this as the answer to the special bet that the Australian branch of the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power Betfair had proposed to its clients.

The question is about the bet on the colors of the tie that Oakes will wear for the night show, dealing with parliamentary elections that are held in the country.

From the very beginning of the show at one of the biggest Australian TV channels (Nine Network) Laurie Oakes was in red tie. The clients of online-bookmaker who have done the right bet were celebrating but after the commercial break Laurie appeared, wearing green tie. During the broadcast, journalist has changed the ties for 4 times and every time he chose the new color – these were the colors on which the online bookmaker was accepting the bets, as CalvinAyre informs.

Bookmaker Sportsbet reacted as a real gentleman and had paid all winnings to all clients, who had made such bets on this market – absolutely all bets were admitted to be the winning one. Also the bookmaker has written the letter to Laurie in which it admitted its “defeat” and had attached the new tie, by the way, having opened, the new market – will he wear this tie at the next show?

The journalist considers himself to be the real protector of gamblers and has confessed that he knew about the proposal of the bookmaker and has asked himself:”Why should anyone miss out on the chance to win?”

This funny situation in Australia has happened simultaneously with the warning from United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) concerning officially recognized operators about the risk of accepting the bets on TV shows. According to the position of UKGC such kind of betting is usually accepted on results of previously recorded shows and that is why, the results are possible to be known in advance.

As a reminder, recently the world of bookmakers was exploded by the bets, made on 6 season of “Games of Thrones”.

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