Unknown young players against the most expensive football player in the world: what will the Europa League final match be?

what will the Europa League final match be?

intrigue we have lost because of it! Great Zlatan Ibrahimović was
able to win the first European trophy in Stockholm in a match against
almost his native team Ajax. It could have been the match of his
name, and he would be the poster. And for Ibrahimović it would have
been the beautiful finish of the European part of his career. It is a
pity that because of an injury the veteran will be forced to watch a
match from a stand.

the final of the Europa League has to be very bright. Unlike the
important Champions League match the battle between Manchester United
and Ajax promises to be rather open. The Dutch club really is not
able to work from defense. Ajax either scores or misses. In this
season the football players both won with the score 5:1, 4:1, 5:0 and
lost with the score 1:4 (we remember Rostov), 1:3, 2:3.

for Manchester United, José Mourinho tries to teach team to use his
“bus”. And during the match against “Celta” “red
devils” have just tried to stand, leading with the score 1:0.
However the Portuguese is not able to do this, “mancunians”
are making mistakes and misses goals. Manchester United isn’t able
“to dry” a game. Mourinho will continue to learn the team,
but will hardly manage to do this for the remained time. Even if “MU”
will also lead in a final match and will just try to stay in defense,
even in this case the chance to miss will be high.

Zlatan Ibrahimović was able to win the first European

paper it seems that the favorite is Manchester United. Top club with
the coach-winner and the most expensive football player in the world.
At the same time “red devils” want to win the Europa League
because it is the only way to get into the Champions League.

current Manchester United more terrible by its name, than by its
game. In particular, British spend the current season and the Europa
League very strenuously. There were some problems, and then
difficulties began with Rostov, Anderlecht and “Celta”.
Only with Saint-Étienne “red devils” were confident. Ajax
can really cause serious problems.

many respects the outcome of the final will depend on Ajax. Ajax as
usually bets on young football players who are not very stable and
that is why the team plays unpredictably all the time. The playoffs
of Ajax in the Europa League turned out to be bright, but have burned
many fans’ nervous cells. Especially successful were a quarterfinal
and a semi-final. Firstly Ajax played against Schalke, won the first
game 2:0, but lost the second one with the same score and remained in
minority after 90 minutes. During the overtime Germans scored and, it
seemed they have kicked out the opponent, but Ajax found forces to
restore its motivation. All knew about the battle with Olympique

paul pogba manchester united

match in Stockholm can depend on the fact of how will Peter Bosch
prepare his young players and what mood will they have. If Ajax will
burn out then Manchester United on its experience is able to destroy
the opponent. If Ajax will demonstrate its football then it will be
very difficult for MU to play this match especially, without Eric

twenty years ago the match between Manchester United and Ajax could
have happened during the Champions League final. Now the decisive
match of the Europa League is a maximum on what teams can count. Ajax
as far as it goes, and MU probably so far. For Ajax it will be a rare
opportunity to win Euro cup. For Manchester United it is rather a way
to get into the Champions League. Football fans will prefer to see
the Dutch young players with the award. It is great when unknown
young players can beat the team that buys the most expensive football
player in the world. From the point of view of a tournament, the
victory of Manchester United can add a weight to the Europa League.

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