Valdano: “Atletico” had revenge upon “Bavaria” and will do the same to “Real”

The former executive director of Madrid

Valdano thinks that the chances of Diego Simeone team are very high.

“Pellegrini said that the best football is played in EPL but it can be seen also in the Championship of Spain. We will speak a lot about the final match of the Champions League in Lisbon as “Atletico” is in the process of revenge. The players had revenge upon “Bavaria” and now they will do the same with “Real”,- EFE is quoting Valdano.

“Atletico” was playing in Lisbon in the final of the Champions League season 2014/14 with “Real” and was winning with the score 1:0. But during the additional minutes the status quo was restored and at extra time “Real” won with the score 4:1. In season 1973/74 “Atletico” in the final Champions Cup was playing with “Bavaria”. The game ended in draw (1:1). At play-off German team was stronger and had scored 4 goals in to the gates if the Spaniards but their own gates were sealed.

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