Vivat to those who have lost: Why doesn’t Buffon’s greatness depend on the Champions League?

Why doesn't Buffon's greatness depend on the Champions League?

the same time, prior to the final match this question was presented
not only as the main drama, an intrigue of entire season, but also it
was considered to be the most important experiment which will help
to establish whether there is the higher justice in the world of
football. They say that Buffon so badly deserves the champion’s
title and he has to become the winner of the tournament that Ronaldo,
Zidane and others nearly have to put a cup between the gloves of the
great Italian.

whole situation with Buffon and the Champions League was considered
to be the culmination of the whole season so importunately that it
has become the cheesy desire to maintain the general insanity and at
this expense to be remembered by communities, fans or editions. It
seemed, everyone has to post a message, containing “Buffon Must,
Buffon We Trust”. As the victory in the Champions League, at
last, will open for the greatest Italian goalkeeper – up to now
closed for him- his way to football Valhalla.

Buffon Must, Buffon We Trust

initial message “The Champions League is the door opening for
Buffon a way to eternal greatness” is a dust in eyes for those
who measure the greatness of football players by number of cups. To a
certain extent, the status of the football player – “Great”
– really depends on what he has managed to win during his career
what great victories he has gained. But bearing in mind all these,
Buffon having won the World Cup, times out of numbers having won
everything that is possible on the Apennine Peninsula is not a gray
mouse that needs the final, loud victory in order to be talked about.

the contrary, Buffon is the figure that has gained such recognition
that the last, final and drama defeat won’t deprive him of his
greatness but only will strengthen it. It seems paradoxical, but
history, including history of football, sometimes leaves in memory
names of the winners not too simple for perception but noble, great
and those who has lost.

polar team of Englishman Robert Scott that has died in March, 1912
was competing with Norwegians led by Roald Amundsen for reaching the
South Pole. Scott has lost – his group has reached Pole almost for
a month after Norwegians did and on the way back all the members of
the English group have died because of overstrain, a lack of food
and abnormally cold temperatures. The name of Amundsen is the name of
the pioneer of the South Pole and it is mentioned in textbooks. But
Robert Scott remained to be a symbol of the researcher who has risked
everything for gaining the goal and he lost. His history is more
dramatic, brighter than the Norwegian and it will be remembered in
history as it is the history of the loser.


who has become the history not only as the local legend of club
thanks to his loyalty but also because of game qualities, being one
of the best goalkeepers of the century, can be remembered as the one
who hasn’t won the first European prize among clubs, but certainly he
was worth of getting it. And understanding of this noble advantage
comprises a real key to awareness of greatness of the football
player, unlike one more line in the long list of trophies.

if to look at that final of the World Cup 2006 in which Buffon has
won the main award he and his teammates didn’t become the central
drama figure and the hero of a tournament. No, the frowned
shaven-headed figure of the Frenchman Zinedine Zidane who has
finished his career that summer, having swallowed Materazzi’s bait
and finally lost his last final became one of football symbols.
Football is a game in which there is no higher justice, but there is
justice of the game – its internal logic which is developed
spontaneously and contrary to wishes of journalists and fans.

history of football greatness is seen in such unpredictable
situations as Zidane’s situation and it happens both in life and at
cinema. At cinema where Leonardo DiCaprio for twenty years and five
nominations couldn’t win so wanted gold Oscar was the same as it is
now with Buffon or when fans of Inter and Bayern were wringing hands
because Sneijder or Ribéry didn’t get the Ballon d’Or. It is the
history of artificial conflicts fomented by the public and the
current tragedy which underlines greatness and genius of the person
in any field.


the history of defeat of Buffon is an offensive and sad story, but it
isn’t the answer to a question of his greatness at all. The answer to
this question is not whether he will hold in his hands a cup/bottle
of champagne/phone for the victorious selfie. The fact that Buffon
deserves the right to stay in the history of football is
understandable from the fact that many people are so worried because
of his possible victories and defeats.

we understand that he maybe won’t win the Champions League for his
career and this is sad. There are football players who have carried
out quite worthy career and have even taken a cup of the European
champions. But there are few football players who have spent the
outstanding career full of great victories but who at the same time
haven’t won the most important one.

it is really unimportant why he lost – because of karmic injustice,
combination of circumstances or insufficient level of partners. If
there exist football gods, then for them it is all the same whose
poster is hanging at fans’ homes – Juventus or Real. In one final
match there happens something what nobody can expect before starting
whistle, and there exist no regularities. But this one match won’t
definitely define the status of the football player with twenty year
career which will say you if he is great or not.

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