Who will become the rescuer of the Italian nation: Ancelotti, Mazzarri, Mancini or Carrera

Who will become the rescuer of the Italian nation: Ancelotti


first name which occurs is Carlo Ancelotti. Carlo Ancelotti has
recently left Bayern and this is the chance of the Italian football
federation. Now there is no stronger local coach who is unemployed.
For certain, Italy is dreaming to persuade Ancelotti, a question is
whether he wants this job. Recently the place of the head coach of
the national team has stopped being so much desired, coaches are more
impressed by club football. National teams are needed by either
veterans, or experts who have appeared on a roadside. For this
reason, we don’t believe that Ancelotti wants to head Italian
national team, especially, he understands well that now Squadra
Azzurra isn’t ready to perform big tasks. Rather Carlo will wait till
summer to understand what the club prospects are. On the other hand,
Italians can wait till June-July, they have no need to hurry so far

Di Biagio

national team needs change of generations and it would be wise to
give it to the coach of youth team. In summer 2017 Squadra Azzurra up
to 21 years has reached Euro semi-final, and in team’s line-up
Gianluigi Donnarumma, Daniele Rugani, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Federico
Bernardeschi, Mattia Caldara and other football players are playing.
Considering a certain transitional stage, perhaps, invitation of
Luigi Di Biagio would also become the right decision. There is also
an argument against him. 4 year experience in a youth team (and that
is all) is sufficient for a role of the rescuer of the nation, isn’t


is just an option of the coach who has appeared on a roadside. After
the end of last season the 56-year-old coach has appeared out of
work. Recently the coach had no great success so Italian national
team for him would become an excellent option to draw attention to
him. At the same time Mazzarri is obviously not ready to work in the
Series A middle team and he doesn’t have better offer as for today.
For certain, Mazzarri is now some kind of a spare option for
federation to which it is always possible to return.


want to see return of the coach to the national team. Antonio Conte
was doing all the best with Squadra Azzurra during Euro 2016.The team
had chances to win over Spain. It seems that he wouldn’t lose to
Swedes. However in this case this is only Conte’s wish. Conte in
2014 has headed Italian national team but he didn’t want to do
this. Just at that time after his rupture with Juventus there came no
other offers. Now Conte is heading Chelsea and in Italy he is seen as
the coach of Milan. In this situation local federation has no

Massimiliano Allegri


say that in the summer the coach will leave Juventus as soon as his
cycle will come to the end. Many waited that the coach after leaving
Turin will take Italian national team at the end of the World Cup.
Only the defeat of Squadra Azzurra has introduced some amendments. In
the middle of season Allegri won’t leave and it is clear. He can’t
guarantee now that he will take national team in summer. Nobody has
dismissed him from Juventus so far, the contract is valid and the
conversation about the termination of a cycle can be a simple opinion
of journalists. And what is more important, Allegri for certain will
be in demand for big clubs so he won’t be in a hurry to national

Spalletti, Maurizio Sarri

are in the list of those who can head Italian national team. Both can
be put in one group. In a case of both Spalletti and Sarri this is
rather a wish of fans and experts. Both coaches are now successfully
working in clubs – Inter and Napoli respectively. Both apply for
Scudetto and have to participate in the Champions League next season.
We doubt that in this situation one or another will give up for the
sake of Italian national team.


name of the head coach of “Zenit” emerges in different
rumors about this or that vacant coach’s position. Of course, now
Mancini has appeared also in this list. However, it is hard to
believe in his arrival. First, Mancini is from those coaches who
yields result in clubs by means of the solid budget. The national
team can’t by anybody. Secondly, Mancini has no intentions to leave
“Zenit” where he receives decent salary. On the other hand,
if the St. Petersburg team continues to undergo changes, then the
coach can be dismissed. We doubt that Italy will wait for him.

Massimo Carrera


why not? Carrera is adored in Spartak, but we have strong impression
that Moscow is a temporary place for him. The coach is living in a
training camp, his wife is in Russia rather seldom. Carrera ‘s house
is still in Italy. For certain, when the interesting offer from the
homeland will arrive, he will surely think over it. The post of the
head coach of Italian national team is, certainly, curious option. At
the same time football federation has already known Carrera, he has
already worked with national team, but as the assistant. Since then
the coach has won the championship of Russia, was good at the
Champions League. The fans of Spartak shouldn’t be worried as for
now. And Carrera will definitely not leave Spartak in the middle of a

Baggio, Francesco Totti, Andrea Pirlo

people in Italy want to see a legend as the head coach of a national
team: the great football player of the past who would act as a
symbol. Surnames of those players who demonstrated intelligence as if
it is a guarantee of success as a coach. Baggio, Totti or Pirlo will
be met by fans with big enthusiasm, than conditional Mazzarri. But to
tell the truth, now Italians need the skillful coach.

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