“Why doesn’t Wenger try success in some other place?” What do the fans of Arsenal think before season opening

Why doesn’t Wenger try success in some other place?

just have to be honest. Arsenal is not a force any more. It is
possible to sit down on a back seat and to observe Manchester City,
United and Chelsea as our stubborn coach does not see any need to buy
players. I am sure, that Arsenal will finish season out of top-6”.

had the best chance to win the championship in season 2015/16. Everything
that Wenger needed was to sign the forward and the holding midfielder
in winter. But he didn’t do this. If Sánchеz leaves Arsenal this
season, Arsen, please, break the contract”.

do not want to be negative, but our squad is terrible. I will always
be a “Gunner”, however the team is not similar to that
which can win the Premier League. It is necessary to buy talented

have seen Wenger’s smile. This means that he is happy with a team
which he was building for three years. I think, he has corrected some
shortcomings. It is important that those who consider personal
ambitions be more important than the team ambitions have left”.

do you criticize? Do you support Wenger or Arsenal? Our team is the
best one!”

be more loyal to our team and support it physically, mentally,
financially, socially, yet we reach the top”.

I am surprised that I am so uncertain. But now I am never confident
in Arsenal’s victories. I hope they won over Leicester in the first

we win, play draw or lose the first match –it is not important. It
will not change the fact that the name of Arsenal has strongly grown
dull. And there will continue to be so till Stan Kroenke leaves the
club. This is the most important fact at the moment”.

doesn’t Wenger success in some other place? Arsenal needs the
ambitious coach who would fit the fans”.

are a lot of fools here who speak about transfers. After Ferguson has
left MU has bought a great number of players, but nothing has
changed. The problem is not in football players!”.

will be the another history. Good start, slipping down and the fight
for the fourth place”.

cannot but worry that the club has no ambitions. One signing, the
second is free, and Wenger is happy”.

considers that situation with Özil and S Sánchеz
‘s contracts is OK. Obviously, we will finish the season in top-4

new. Wenger is stubborn, and the club does not sign players any more.
Again we are fighting for the fourth place …”

years people say that the team needs good holding midfielder and the
center back. And Wenger has signed the forward. But we really need
someone like Kanté right now”.

has to leave the club, and then we will start to win. Otherwise
nothing will change”.

for this season – the sixth place. Number of injuries and players who
do not want to play for Arsenal. We sell more, than we spend. Wenger,
please leave”.

the EPL first round Arsenal will play with Leicester.

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