Why Portugal in the final for a very good reason

Portugal has been qualified to the final

The problem is not in Portugal, the problem in our perceptions — after yesterday’s match, during which sometimes it was really possible to see the football game, rather than boredom, it became abundantly clear.

Portugal’s claim is that this team is boring, and if you haven’t supported them in the years when only the tragedy left Xavier team without the Euro finals, you will not start to support this team now. Portugal in the final, and romanticists are mad -Wales and Iceland are not there. Portugal is in the final, and tactical geeks are mad too — the team from Italy that is collected from potato peelings and Buffon that was strong of its strategy is not there. Portugal in the final, and the lovers of genuine football are mad too-Croats are not there (the truth is that that Croats themselves has taken for no reason the Portuguese rules games in 1/8 finals). Even traditionalists in English and Spanish t-shirts are mad, though, it would seem, that they really should humbly perceive what is happening.

But all this does not apply to Portugal. This country came here not to conquer the hearts but to win.

When you try to motivate the woman, at somemoment you realize that you are wasting too much time, perhaps even to the detriment of your work. There is no way that a woman will get interested in you after cold and tactical communication solely in you spare time. With football is happening exactly the same thing-you can certainly be interested in football, but it will be rather an interested marriage. You more often fall in love with those who plays beautifully — the result is of secondary importance.

But there are people who deliberately refuse personal life for the sake of work. In the good sense of the word we can call such people careerists, but who likes careerists, albeit in a good sense of the word? Even if becoming nominal Deputy Director (semi-finalist, generally speaking), you can lead quite tolerable relations (show good football), you will not be loved just for your reputation.

Portugal in this sense is an absolute careerist. This is a team that has an aim in front of them, knows the ways of its achievements and opts out of the outside world. Say what you like, don’t like, hate, call us ugly disgusting Championship finalist — it doesn’t matter. We have 90 minutes to a trophy, and you have gone from the distance, flirting with the girl in the third row. Team from Germany after 2006 home FIFA World Cup has rushed in any love adventure, trying to play a sincere football, but remained good-natured loser in the workplan, rotating the second and third place as the only career joke. Match with Ghana in Brazil was the last campaign of German romanticism -and after this period during 10 games at major tournaments, we see absolutely cynical team that anyone may consider to be boring, but that team wins. For a thousand minutes of played matches with Ghana Germany has missed in the game just two goals, one of them at 7:0 in their favor. The Germans are again in one step away from the finals, and again they, like Portugal, hear that they don’t show the game of a champion. People don’t want to understand that this is the championship game. The champion is not someone who plays nicely — ask “Arsenal” or “Bayer”. Champion becomes the one who puts everything to winning and doesn’t not think about how to tweeze the eyebrows.

All your favorite teams are gone but paradoxically this is why you love them. Everyone you loved so much, will meet again —this is the law. And with Portugal you will meet in the final. This is the reality.

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