Wright: before the start of the season brands didn’t propose a penny for “Leicester” players

Wright while commentating the Championship of Leicester

“Imagine… The teams are preparing for the season at “Stamford Bridge”, “Etihad”, ” Old Trafford” and “Emirates”. In front of the eyes of coaches is the first team of “Leicester”. They need just to make a choice and transfer of the player will happen. How do you think what where the answers at that moment?

Nobody was proposing a penny for Wesley Morgan, Marc Albrighton,Daniel Simpson, Daniel Drinkwater. Jamie Vardy, Riyard Marez, N’Holo Kante are the best players now in the EPL but they have been left untouched.

Every of this pre-seasonal favourites had a chance to get them,but they refused. May be it is not the most surprising thing when compared with the fact that before the seasons started the victory of “Leicester” was evaluated as 5000 to 1.

The 9 months have passed and you see the most incredible story the football Gods could imagine,-said Wright in his interview to The Sun.

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