Northern Ireland- Switzerland free betting tips and predictions 09.11.2017

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World Cup – Qualifiers – Final (1

start: 21:45 (GMT+1)

lost to Portugal during the last qualifier, Switzerland had doomed
itself on difficult battle with obstinate and strong-willed national
team from Northern Ireland. Rossocrociati will really experience a
lot of difficulties, because, despite its obvious advantage over the
rival, we can’t tell that Switzerland is a highly willed team that
is capable of overcoming different circumstances. From the other
hands, will Northern Ireland be able to make nervous the team of
Vladimir Petković?


O’Neill became a real magician for this rather modest football
national team. Northern Ireland participated at Euro-2016 and was
able to take the 2nd
place at qualifying stage for the World Cup 2018, having won over
Norway and Czech Republic. The squad of this national team has only
several football players who have high status in the world of
football: Evans, S. Davis, Brandt, Lafferty. The rest of the football
players are unknown players who, nevertheless, can do all donkey work
at the football field.


is beautiful team that wasn’t lucky with the main opponent for the
qualification stage (Portugal). Rossocrociati demonstrated perfect
game during the whole qualification stage having lost first points
during last round against Portuguese. This defeat brought the 2nd
place to Switzerland. Despite this sick-making fact, the team of
Vladimir Petković is quite confident in its skills. The squad is
full of experienced and elite football players, who are able to bring
football success to their nation: Rodriguez, Xhaka, Zakaria, Shaqiri,
Embolo and others.


Ireland had really met with very strong opponent at the stage of
play-offs. More than likely, we won’t become the witnesses of the
defeat but Switzerland has to gain positive result during the match
in Belfast.


Switzerland to win with handicap (0) – odds 1.56 5Dimes